Amazon Delivery Driver Points Out Home's Unsafe Feature On Camera

Delivery drivers have surprisingly difficult jobs.

From apartment buildings with broken buzzers to houses with unmarked numbers, drivers sometimes have to do some serious work to get our packages delivered to us.

One Amazon delivery driver pointed out a hazard to a TikTok user Jessica Huseman in a frankly hilarious way. Let's check it out.

Getting things delivered to our homes has become a way of life over the last two years.

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Of course, most of us were ordering items online before 2020, but the pandemic made it much more popular (and necessary). Nowadays, many people are opting for delivery for everything from groceries to take-out to prescriptions.

There are a few courtesies everyone should keep in mind when they're expecting a delivery.

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Ensuring that your doorway has a clear path free of obstructions (and shovelled, if it's winter) is not only polite but creates a safe work environment for the people delivering your order.

A TikTok user shared a video of a safety hazard on her home that was pointed out to her by an Amazon delivery driver.

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Jessica Huseman explained to her followers that her family had only recently moved into their house before the viral incident.

Jessica noticed an Amazon driver approaching her door camera.

"Hello Jennifer, I hope your Monday’s going well! You have no markers on your house that says what number you are. It is hard to find your house, my dude."

Okay, fair enough. But she had more to say.

Pop off, queen!

"[It's] unsafe, honestly. What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well. Come on. Have a great day!"

I mean, damn! Even Jessica knew she was right, stating that she wasn't wrong in her video's caption.

People LOVED her.

The comments were full of people praising her not only for her honesty, but her hilarious delivery. Honestly, all constructive criticism should come in song form, delivered by a woman with tattoos on her head. I am not joking. That sounds amazing.

Others chimed in confirming the importance of visible house numbers.

This EMS worker said visible house numbers are extremely important in her line of work. She also reminded us to make sure that they are visible at night, too.

And, other delivery drivers said this was a major pet peeve of theirs.

C'mon, you don't want to be that house that ruins a delivery driver's day, right? So let's all vow to make their jobs a little easier by putting up some visible house numbers.

As it turns out, this delivery driver also has TikTok!

Queen K stitched the original video to provide some more insight into what she notices about people's homes as a delivery driver.

"Just one thing that I notice when I walk up to households, baby," she said in her video.

We don't notice the danger we put ourselves in.


"Other things I notice: unclear entrances and exits. What if you need to leave your house, or EMS needs to come into your house?"

I can honestly say that never occurred to me!

She has a long history of keeping people safe.

"Thinking about clear pathways. I oftentimes see a lot of bikes, like kids’ bikes, in the front doors. That scares me, baby. That scares me real bad. I used to work in rez life, student affairs, so crisis management and prevention education is essential and literally a part of my soul."

She makes it a habit to point out hazards.

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"Anytime I do go out and deliver packages or make any deliveries, if I see something, I say something. ‘Cause that’s how bystander intervention works."

I am learning so much from Queen K right now. I love her.

Queen K also has a big heart.

"But keeping in mind that prevention is just more than that. It’s about reminding each other that we’re enough, and being there for one another, so. Thanks for being here. Stay tuned for more prevention!"

I repeat: I LOVE HER.

You can hear her full song here.

Just reading her little song doesn't give you the full picture! Watch the TikTok here and hear Queen K's lyrics for yourself.

What do you think of her advice? Does your home's safety need an upgrade? Let me know!