Maya Angelou Becomes First Black Woman to Appear On A Quarter

When it comes to legends, Maya Angelou has become synonymous with the word. This American poet, civil rights activist, and acclaimed author broke barriers and paved the way for so many incredible women of color who continue to follow in her footsteps.

Now, Maya's legacy will be cemented in history forever with the announcement that she will be the first Black woman to appear on the American quarter.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly 8 years since the world lost the incomparable Maya Angelou.

Born in St.Louis, Missouri in April 1928, Maya lived a life filled with activism and inspiration.

Her acclaimed work earned her the reputation of being one of the most celebrated women in history that we were lucky enough to witness in our own lifetimes.

The celebrated artist and author passed away in May 2014.

Now, Maya Angelou's work and legacy is being honoured in a historic way.

It was announced this week that Maya's face would appear on the quarter as a part of a series of coins commemorating pioneering American women.

"It is my honor to present our nation’s first circulating coins dedicated to celebrating American women and their contributions to American history," said the deputy director of the Mint, Ventris C. Gibson.

"Maya Angelou used words to inspire and uplift," they added, as per The New York Times.

What an amazing way to honor this extraordinary woman!

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