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Parents Online Are Loving An Easy Hack That Transforms Plain Costco Cakes

I am the first one to tell you I'm no cake decorator, hee-hee. In fact, I'm not even a great baker. However, I like to save money, and fancy cakes are sure expensive.

But don't fret. There is an easy cake hack I'm about to share with you, and something tells me you'll really appreciate it. Get a load of this idea.

Cake decorating is definitely an awesome art form.

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I wish I had all those skills to perfect it, ha, ha! But, sadly, I do not. But that doesn't mean I can't use a hack to do it. Oh, yeah! And, boy, did I find a great idea.

I recently stumbled upon this cool hack on Instagram.

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In it, a mom shows you how she transformed a cheap plain Costco cake into something a lot more fun. She did it for her son's birthday, and it surely was a hit.

The video was reposted by the account @costcofans, and that's how I found it.

Here's what you need to do. Buy a cheap, plain cake from Costco. It's only going to set you back around $12.99 plus tax. Then, get a few items from the dollar store.

In this video, the mom got some plastic dump trucks that she placed on the cake as decoration.

I guess her little guy is really into dump trucks, haha. She also added a chocolate number "3" to signify his third birthday.

You should see the reaction of this kid.

He absolutely loved his special birthday cake. Such an easy and cheap hack turned out to make this little man's day. And I bet the cake tasted delicious, too. After all, who doesn't love chocolate, huh?

This mom did what she could to not break the bank.

In turn, she made her son really happy, too, and that's awesome in my book. This shows that little ingenuity goes a long way, and this mom hacked her way into an amazing birthday for her son.

Now, if you have the skills to beat a Costco cake, go for it.

Not everybody is skilled in that way. This mom realized her limitations and still wanted to create something special for her son. I think she accomplished that just fine, no?

This video got a lot of praise from fellow moms.

They really loved this creative idea. Some of them even mentioned that they, too, did something similar in the past. And the best part is the decoration won't go to waste and can be reused.

So, what do you think if this idea?

Is this something you would do with a plain store-bought cake? I say, why not? Not everybody can afford to buy an expensive and fancy custom birthday cake. This way, you can decorate it with whatever your child likes. And it was a huge hit with this boy.

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