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A Hack Has Gone Viral To Get A Large Coffee From Starbucks For Only $3

One of our worst habits is buying food or coffee when we have perfectly good coffee and food at home. Why is this such a bad habit?

Because none of us have money to waste and spend on extra things we think we need, but don't actually need. We would rather get an expensive coffee from Dunkin' or Starbucks rather than make our own pot for less money, of course.

Starbucks is known for their delicious coffee drinks.

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Everyone knows that Starbucks gets us and locks us in with their delicious drinks that we cannot help but crave, but that definitely cost more money than we want to spend on coffee.

Sometimes, we can spend almost $10 on a good drink.

However, online, tons of people share ways to get coffee from these types of places for far less.

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Thanks to TikTok and social media, many people share tips and hacks for how to bypass Starbucks and Dunkin' and get yourself a delicious drink for half of the price.

Who doesn't want to get our fancy coffee and also save some money?

A TikTok user shared how to grab yourself a Venti sized coffee from Starbucks for less.

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Venti iced coffees, or large at Starbucks, will usually run you at least $5, at the minimum.

Then, when you begin adding some syrups and milk, the price goes up. Depending on what you add and how much you put into it, it can run you $7-8.

However, Gabriela Macedo says you can get a $3 coffee at Starbucks now.

In the video, she says she saw the hack on TikTok prior and decided to try it out at her location by her house.

The coffee hack that she orders is "really good" according to TikTok.

The order is very specific.

Gabriela said you have to order a "triple espresso" over ice in a Venti cup. You then add 6 pumps of dark caramel sauce and ask for heavy cream and oat milk.

The drink, in total, ran the TikTok user $3.

It almost seems too good to be true.

And, many commenters on TikTok said it is too good to be true.

Many said that there is no way that Starbucks would charge only $3 for a drink with this many add-ons and also 3 shots of espresso.

A Starbucks employee shared it "depends on where you order this."

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Every location seems to have different rules for how they do special orders, as one TikTok comment read,

"As a Starbucks employee depending on the location I was told to fill by line and the rest with ice so it’s mostly ice."

One commenter even broke down the math.

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One person broke down the total cost in the comments.

"grande triple shaken espresso $3.95

6 pumps of dark caramel +$.80

Heavy cream +$.70


IDK where you live for that to cost $3," said the user.

Many added it will "not be filled to the top."

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While the TikTok user ordered the drink in a Venti cup, there are many users that said she's "faking her big coffee" because she just got it in a large cup.

One person said that this drink won't be "filled to the top" of the cup.

Someone else added to ask for the "cold foam."

"Definitely get the most for your money when you just order iced espressos and cold foam or cream lol. this is similar to my order," one person said in the comments on the video. This at least gives you more in your cup.

At the end of the day, a cheaper coffee is great for us all.

Whether it's a smaller amount than a huge Venti cup, if they are willing to give me three espresso shots for only $3, I'm all in. The more caffeine, the better, and who doesn't want to get it for less money?

Guess we'll have to try it out for ourselves.

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