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Woman Claps Back At People Who 'Warned' Her To Not Sleep Separately From Husband

Every marriage is different and unique. What works for one person doesn't always work for the other person.

In the world of love and marriage, there is nothing that's universally true. There are so many things that are subjective and works for a few, but don't work for others. However, it's always interesting to see how other couples live and operate.

In marriages, most couples sleep in the same bed.

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While not all couples do, many couples share a bed and a bedroom with each other when they're married. Many look forward to that part of marriage, getting to go to sleep and wake up to your partner every day and every night.

However, there are some couples who actually don't sleep together.

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While many do, there are also those who don't share a bed with each other every night. And, then, there are those who don't share a bedroom with each other either. It's not because they don't love each other, but it's just what works best for them.

One TikTok user recently opened up that she and her husband are one of those couples.

TikTok user and mom @terriannmichelle said that during the week, she does not sleep in the same bed with her husband. In fact, the two don't even share a room during the week at all.

While some find it weird, she says it works for them.

Apparently, @terriannmichelle shared that sleeping in separate rooms not only works well for them but it has actually made their "intimate relationship" better in the long run. So, it's truly a win/win for this couple, it seems.

Many were curious as to why they sleep apart.

People online were curious as to why the two sleep apart, and @terriannmichelle said a lot of it has to do with their schedules. When one person has to be up earlier than the other, it can make the whole "beginning the day" hard.

She said it's definitely "more common than people think."

While some people call it "weird and strange," the mom said it's "way more common than other people think and realize" due to different schedules and different job hours. But, not everyone talks about or shares it out loud.

In the comments, @terriannmichelle explained.

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@terriannmichelle said that they do have a king-size bed but between her husband's snoring and early morning alarms for her (she gets up early to take care of the kids), it's hard on them both. But, now, sleeping apart allows them to get a good night's sleep.

Some people on TikTok agreed that it works for them.

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A commenter shared that her husband works nights and during the week, sleeping in another room is the only way it works for them. Her husband comes home early in the morning and sleeps throughout the day, whereas she sleeps throughout the night and gets up early.

Another said they, too, sleep separate, but they were too embarrassed to say it.

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Other TikTok users shared they also have separate bedrooms, but one wife said they were "too embarrassed and ashamed" to tell others because so many people judge them and think it's "weird."

However, others said they don't agree.

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"I can’t sleep without my husband. He can’t sleep well without me. I’ll keep it that way. It doesn’t make much sense to not sleep together," one commenter said.

However, the TikTok user said "it doesn't make sense to YOU, but it makes sense to us."

There were others who said they do things differently, too.

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While some sleep together and some sleep apart, there are also families who sleep with multiple people in the bed. One mom said that she shares a bed with her husband and three kids, bed-sharing, so they never get alone time.

What do you think about sleeping with your husband?

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