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Elon Musk's 'No Traffic Jams' Las Vegas Tunnel Has Traffic Jam, Because Real Life

No one likes being stuck in a traffic jam. Elon musk is more against traffic jams than most, it seems, and even vowed to create tunnels and roadways that would solve that problem once and for all.

But not everything goes according to plan, it seems. A newly constructed tunnel in Las Vegas that was supposed to not cause any traffic jams, ended up doing just that.

The tunnel was built by a Musk-founded company.

Unsplash | Tom Dahm

Perhaps better known for Tesla and Space-X, Elon Musk is also the founder of the Boring Company, which aims to ease highway traffic by building roadways underground.

The Las Vegas Loop is the company's latest venture.

And, well, one of their only ventures so far. It acts as a roadway into the Las Vegas Convention Center, promising that no traffic jams will happen on it ever.

It cost $47 million to build.

Unsplash | Vlad Tchompalov

Originally meant to usher guests through in driverless cars, the vehicles in the tunnel use actual human drivers, instead.

And it looks like no one was expecting this.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, a the person filming is inside a Tesla traveling through the tunnel, when they suddenly encounter a traffic jam — which isn't supposed to be possible.

Even the driver seems confused.

He explains that it seems like the doors to the convention center are locked for some reason, and the drivers have to drop passengers off at an alternate location, which ended up slowing traffic down.

As it turns out, the traffic jam was due to too many drivers too.

The maximum capacity for the tunnel is 70 cars, but there were apparently 90 cars at the time of the traffic jam, which would definitely cause a delay.

And of course, there were plenty of reactions to the video.

Understandably, people flocked to the replies and quote retweets to express confusion, amusement, and even anxiety over the slow traffic in such a tight space.

It really doesn't seem like a fun experience, after all.

While there are safety precautions, it does seem like too much can go wrong in those tunnels.

The funny thing is, underground transportation already exists.

You know, that little thing called the subway?

In any case, it seems like this brilliant (and expensive) idea didn't really work out the way it was supposed to.

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