16+ Things That We Can Only Hope Didn't Go According To Plan

Things aren't always going to go the way we want them to. That's just part of life. At least when we go through these inconveniences, we can feel secure in the knowledge that we're not alone.

Somewhere, right now, it's a virtual guarantee that someone's plans have gone sideways.

Cake toupee.

Reddit | j130886

This isn't so bad, because 99 percent of the cake still remains. Still, it's lost its pleasing top layer and now looks all gross and mottled.

Why can't you fit in?

Reddit | missouripacific

I assumed speaker grills like this were all perfectly spaced, but this one bucks the trend for some reason.

I have two questions.

Reddit | OnceJazz366

It's frustrating when people on planes put their hair right in your face. But more importantly, is this plane going into space?

When you spot it, you'll know.

Reddit | jjmm-

This might only be aggravating to typography nerds but seriously: look at the 'S' in the sign. Why does it have to be upside-down?

De-motivational watch.

Reddit | dan1812

This watch is supposed to flash inspirational, motivational messages to the wearer. This one must have been cut off or something.

Back where it belongs.

Reddit | Dellarbill

There's nothing like shoppers who ditch items in random locations. I don't think this clock is supposed to be frozen.


Reddit | E-n-d-r-i-u

On one hand, this 'teamwork' sign could have been arranged more logically. On the other hand, the little human silhouettes kind of force it into this format.

Strange design decision.

Reddit | teenyquiches

I think this room could have been built at-grade and everything would have been fine, but instead it has this weird dip.


Reddit | MJB17

It's a good idea to use wooden cutlery over plastic, and sure, call it 'plastic unwrapped'. Just don't, y'know, wrap it in plastic.

Interesting muffins.

Yes, these delicious-looking chocolate muffins have been made with garlic butter. I think I'd still give in for a taste test.

This mattress is clean.

Reddit | dweebiest

When you look closely at this mattress, it's clear that it isn't badly stained — it just features a nature design that looks like a bad stain.

Fraud outlet.

Reddit | angerybeaver

This homeowner decided to fix some malfunctioning outlets, only to discover that they were basically as useful as movie props.

Thanks, pests.

Reddit | ignatz-25

Rats and mice chewed away at this baseball that once featured autographs from the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers.

My head hurts.

Reddit | gumbynut

This seems to be relatively common in elevators and I just can't deal with it. Imagine the anxiety of trying to find your floor.

Free boat.

Reddit | eriebasinrustics

Apparently, someone was driving along the highway, pulling their boat, then dropped it...and just kept driving. Hopefully they realized before they were too far away.

Mozza sticks, deconstructed.

Reddit | Puluris

I think everyone's experienced this at some point with cheesy oven-baked snacks. It doesn't make it any less heartbreaking when it happens, though.

Secure entry.

Reddit | exploreplaylists

This shed is supposed to be secure. Shame about that arm-sized hole in the wall that allows everyone to unlock it.

Who needs a garage?

Reddit | duchesscuunt

It's great that this home is equipped with a garage. It's a real shame that the garage is completely unusable thanks to an inexplicable pillar.

Morning joe.

Reddit | rafaaacesar

When this happens to your first cup of coffee of the day, it's enough to make you just go back to bed.

Prank stairs.

Reddit | Cherry_Caliban

I feel like this is how most stairs would look if they were designed by toddlers rather than qualified architects.

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