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It's Very Likely That We Aren't Washing Our Clothes As Much As We Should

Doing laundry is the bane of everyone's existence, let's face it. No one loves laundry day.

It's annoying and we always forget that we put our clothes in and they end up sitting in the washing machine wet until they stink. Then, we have to rewash the clothes before finally putting them in the dryer. Laundry day is rough.

For that reason, some of us avoid washing things that we wear.

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When it comes to certain items of clothing, many of us avoid washing them because we don't want to deal with doing laundry in the first place.

Sometimes, we will wear things multiple times before washing them at all.

But, how many times is too many times?

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How many times is "too many times" to wear something that you have already worn? Sometimes, people go by the whole "if it doesn't smell, it doesn't need to be washed" kind of rule.

However, there are actual experts who say that some items need to be washed more often than you think.

Dermotologists suggest that washing your clothes often can help your skin and overall health.

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When we wear clothing, we not only sweat it in, but we can build up dirt and bacteria on our clothing items.

Even though the items may not smell, they have built-up sweat and dirt that can seep into our skin and pores.

One TikTok channel is sharing how often we should wash all of our clothing and it's more surprising than you'd think.

TikTok page @brightly.eco shared how often you should wash several items of clothing.

While you may not agree, dermatologists suggest this is the right way and right timeframe in order to keep your toxins out.

Obviously, you should wash your underwear ASAP.

You should never wear underwear more than once.

No matter how you spin it, it's totally nasty and gross to wear it more than once. It's probably better to go commando and not wear underwear at all if you're debating.

Socks, too.

Your feet are stinky and gross no matter how you spin them.

You should only wear a pair of socks one time and definitely not more than that. It can cause foot fungus and bacteria if you wear them too much.

Surprisingly, t-shirts can be worn multiple times.

For some reason, I was convinced you only wore t-shirts once.

But, if you aren't sweating at the gym and making it a super smelly fest, you may wear them up to 4 different times before needing to wash them.

Shorts can also be worn a few times.

You can wear a pair of shorts 2-3 times before having to wash them.

But, if you're wearing shorts to the gym or running, or even out bike riding, you shouldn't wear them more than once because that sweat may build up.

Pants can also be worn 2-3 times.

You can wear jeans and pants for 2-3 wears before having to wash them.

Which, many people probably are surprised by because everyone wears jeans multiple times before washing them (some people wear them dozens of times).

Dresses can also be worn a few times.

As long as you're not sweating bullets under those arms, you can wear dresses 2-3 times, as well.

Unless, you're talking about a wedding or somewhere fancy, because those dresses may be needing a good dry clean before you wear them again.

The most surprising of all? Bras.

Raise your hand if you never wash your bras! Apparently, experts say you should only wear your bra 3-4 times before you wash them.

That's definitely the biggest surprise of all because we'll wear them a thousand times before we wash them.