20 Funny People Who Chuckled Their Way Through The Thick And Thin

When presented with any challenge in life, or any situation in general, it can be of vital importance to keep smiling and keep your spirits up. Although, while this can often be easier said than done, the people on this list are masters of this art.

So, please enjoy these 20 funny people who chuckled their way through the thick and thin.

"My girlfriend and I fought and didn't talk for 3 days so I sent her an Amazon gift with this as the message."

It fortunately transpired that she found this pretty damn funny, which probably came as one hell of a relief for this person.

"This bass guitar I found at a local music shop."

I need to know what this beast sounds like to play! I bet it sounds like someone playing a banjo from the bottom of a well.

"This lady has a great sense of humor."

Another individual added, "[A] guy who lived around the corner from me growing up lost his hand in Vietnam. Dude got knuckle wrinkles tattooed near his elbow and a fingernail tattooed on the end of the stub and would make the pull my finger joke every time he needed to shake someone's hand."

"It was supposed to say 'Fashion Art.'"

Well, it doesn't. It quite clearly says "fashion fart" and anyone who cannot see that fact needs to learn how to be more immature right away!

"My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I obviously can't afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this."

You could say that this is sort of like a Trojan horse. However, as someone else also pointed out, a gift card being inside is much nicer than a load of angry soldiers.

"Are we a joke to you?"

People normally let their cats walk all over them, but this person really seems to be walking all over their cats. Those cats look as though they will be taking revenge for this sleight.

"Merry Christmas!"

That dog clearly saw this as a challenge, a challenge which they managed to absolutely smash the hell out of. He looks so damn pleased with himself as well for having conquered this "invincible" toy!

"Saw this at a restaurant today."

One person did point out that it is very interesting that the thermostat was written with a capital "T" and yet "lisa" only gets a lower case "l." This guy clearly has his prioritise sort out.

"My brother-in-law said: "Why does the bunny rabbit with the walker have -6?"

Well, now I cannot see anything other than a bunny rabbit with a stroller. God damn it, will someone please help me to once more see a damn helmet?!

"This house's mailbox is a miniature model of itself."

If you look very carefully at the mailbox at the front of the miniature mailbox house, then you will see an even tinier model of this house for the birds' mail to be delivered into.

"My tattoo got a mosquito bite right where the nipple should be."

It is almost as though the mosquito knew exactly what it was doing. Mosquitos are notorious pranksters and often have a very immature sense of humor.

"Last year I forgot to get batteries for my niece's toy so this year she got me this."

This kid has a promising future ahead of her. I mean, not many kids are this able to hold a grudge, but it is good to know that there still some out there who can!

"A mall convincing their customers to wash their hands."

That sounds as though this was written by someone who is speaking from experience. The screams of this person would have been heard for miles around.

"This traffic sign in Virginia with a sense of humor."

Be careful when you are laughing at things like this though, as one person wrote, "Just saw this in Virginia on my way to my gf's mom's house. She did not appreciate my laugh."

"Home for the holidays and opened my parents fridge. I immediately said, "Mom, I think you need new baking soda." She asked 'How can you tell?'"

Jesus Christ, they must have had that box in there for some serious time! I don't know why they're wasting any time though, take advantage of that deal!

"Florida Man Spells School Wrong... Twice!"

I think that he must surely have noticed after the first one, but just decided to do the second one the same so that people thought it was intentional. If not then may God have mercy on him.

"My friend has a bounty on her head."

As far as dad jokes go, this one is pretty abysmal in the best way possible. I also like how over the whole thing this poor person looks. Something tells me this isn't the first dad joke she has heard.

Was It A Diss Though?

The person who posted this wrote:

"My mom got me Super Mario Sheets for Christmas. I'm 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years, so I looked confused and disappointed. She said, 'What? It's not like anyone else is going to see your sheets.' And now I don't know if that was ignorance, an insult, or innocence..."

"I really need one of these nearby."

Although, if you need one of these shops to appear near you then the thing that you really need is for you not to need it. Does that make sense? I think that it was perfectly clear.

"Perfectly hidden!"

I mean, there is a part of me that still likes that they went to the effort of trying to hide this package. Although, does this kind of not make the whole thing even more obvious?

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