15 Ideas We Wish We Had Come Up With Vs 15 Ideas We’re Glad We Didn’t Come Up With

No one wishes to be the person who cannot fix a lightbulb without setting fire to themselves and flying out a fifth floor window, and yet there are some people who cannot avoid the fact that they are these people.

So, with that in mind, please enjoy these 15 ideas that we with we had come up with Vs 15 ideas we’re glad we didn’t come up with.

GOOD IDEA: "My friend just bought a new house. The old owners must have been geniuses."

Hold the phone, how did I never think of installing one of these in my home? Excuse me while I go and buy all of the parts required to fashion one of these.

GOOD IDEA: "Introducing the solar scooter!"

Sure, it would probably charge very slowly, but it looks as though they will have a pretty big battery to charge up and then sit on, so the capacity should be pretty decent.

BAD IDEA: "My eco friendly packaged toothpicks are individually wrapped in plastic."

"Look, we made them out of wood, so what is the problem?!"

"Yeah, but you wrapped them each in plastic..."

"There's just no pleasing some people!"

GOOD IDEA: "The supermarket I work at sells horizontally sliced bread."

There were a lot of people saying that these are great for certain traditional recipes, but I would just want to make a massive sandwich! That's got to be the dream, right?

BAD IDEA: "We have 14 letters, let's turn it into a clock!"

I quite like the idea behind this sign, but they really should have thought it through a little bit more. Could they not have just written the street name normally or below the clock?

GOOD IDEA: "Saw this on the way home from work today. Not sure if it is just adult humour or really genius branding."

With a license to chill, you can pretty much get away with anything. Well, so long as that thing is just relaxing with a cool beer.

BAD IDEA: "I work at an ice skating rink and instead of properly turning in skates people started just throwing them over the counter."

Guys, don't throw ice skates at people who work at an ice rink, or don't throw them under any circumstances for that matter!

GOOD IDEA: "This is genius..."

I mean, this is an incredibly cruel thing to spend your time doing, but it is also kind of incredible. They're really using their artistic powers for nefarious means. Did they never hear the phrase, "With great power comes great responsibility"?

BAD IDEA: "Yellow as a container color for gallons of drinking water."

So, they decided that some water would be contained in blue bottles but then just thought that a piss-ier aesthetic would work a little better?

GOOD IDEA: Keeping Things Simple...

"I was complaining to my dad about how my mirror always takes up so many batteries to operate the lights, so he added this wire connector so I could just plug it in instead," wrote the person who posted this.

BAD IDEA: "Chalk with a popsicle color, shape, and even wood handle. What could go wrong giving these to kids?"

Chalk could be really good for kids, you don't know! Eating a few of these could do them the world of good!

(Please don't actually eat chalk...seriously!)

GOOD IDEA: "What are we going to do? Fork it."

I am guessing that they only had a fork to hand? You should always try to use what you have with you to the best possible ends!

BAD IDEA: "This Christmas themed toilet paper was not exactly a good idea."

This doesn't look as much like Santa Clause as much as it makes it look as though the person using it needs to go to the hospital.

BAD IDEA: "Got a broken leg? No worries, the doctor has a gun!"

There are probably a lot of people who may think that arming doctors is a good idea, but I don't necessarily think that I am in that camp.

GOOD IDEA? "My smart thermostat remote monitoring system."

I kind of just thought that most fathers had some sort of innate ability to tell when someone is touching the thermostat. Although, I like that they have gone to such incredible lengths to keep an eye on the thermostat.

GOOD IDEA: "Protect your extension cords against the garage door this Christmas. One pencil and some duct tape."

Personally, I think that they should probably be fixing their garage door, but I suppose this is a decent idea if it works?

BAD IDEA: "A DIY shower I saw while house hunting."

Okay, I suppose that there is a school of thought which could argue that this is very good as he has clearly just taken all of the free samples to make a free wall. Still though, it is ghastly.

BAD IDEA: You'd Have Thought This Would Have Come To Mind!

"Stoplights in Lake Tahoe filled with snow due to a crappy design of not having the bottom cut out to prevent snow accumulation. It’s a world-class ski area, snow should be a key factor in all design decisions," wrote the person who posted this.

GOOD IDEA: "Crossed paths with an absolute genius on my way back from work the other day. Humanity still has hope, guys."

This guy is just lightyears ahead of everyone else who is going out to buy beer by the crate.

BAD IDEA: "The cake cut my knife in two..."

How strong was that cake that they were trying to cut? Or, alternatively, how weak was the knife?! It does also look a little more like minced meat rather than cake.

GOOD IDEA: "I built a solar-powered paddlewheel for my canoe."

This is such a great idea, but I cannot get passed the fact that this guy is wearing Crocs. There is a fine line between genius and insanity here.

BAD IDEA: "A kid will just see chocolate paint and think 'Mmm. I'll try that.'"

I think that putting "non-edible" in much brighter and larger letters should have been a priority!

GOOD IDEA: Another Instance Of Using What You Have To Hand!

I am assuming that this would work though, so if there is someone out there who knows why this wouldn't work then...keep that to yourself!

BAD IDEA: Whatever The Hell They Were Thinking With This Clock...

Unless the brief was, "I want you to make me a clock that gives me a tension headache whenever I look at it," then I think that they failed here.

GOOD IDEA: Keeping Your Hands Clean...

The story behind this picture was: "I look over and my wife is eating Cheetos with tongs so she doesn't get her hands cheesy. She is a genius and I fell more in love with her."

BAD IDEA: "I think that it would sound awful."

If you would love an upright piano in your house but just do not have the space for one, then this is the product for you. You have to be pretty indifferent about actually playing it though.

GOOD IDEA: "I'm dating either a genius or a psychopath."

There are some bags that actually come with a flap that makes this sort of thing possible, so I think that this person is on the genius side. Maybe keep a close eye on them for a bit though.

BAD IDEA: Slap Your Own Head.

"For Christmas, I got a headband headphone and I thought it was perfect for my big headexcept one thing. The controls are on the forehead; so not only do I have to slap my face to skip the song, I cant see the buttons when its on so I have to slap my head multiple times," wrote this sore-headed individual.

GOOD IDEA: "I found this in some old school papers. Apparently even 7-year-old me was a smart ass."

Octopus was one hell of a weird choice to come up with off the top of their head. Although, you can't knock the ingenuity.

BAD IDEA: "The information for this face mask I bought is printed in white lettering on a yellow bottle so it's barely readable."

Seriously?! How did no one see that there would be some problems by having white lettering on a light yellow bottle?!

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