20 Cool Ideas That Don't Look Like Much At First

Subtlety is an art that can be hard to master. Not everything needs to be blasted on billboards and broadcast across cities. No, some innovations do well with silent introductions so smooth people barely notice it.

The items on this list fall under that latter category, as they're some pretty cool ideas that don't look like much at first, but have some real neat functions.

"Some of the trash cans in Copenhagen are tilted, so people on bikes can throw out trash while going."

The farther away they throw it from, the more points they get if they land it in the bin. At the end of the week, they can compare their high score with fellow bikers and see who the top rated cyclists in the city are.

"My hotel shower had a water thermometer."

I had to mull over this one before deciding that yes, it is handy, but only if this becomes commonplace everywhere. Knowing the exact temperature you like your water at and being able to put that in anywhere is easier than fiddling with the knob until you get it right.

"This restaurant bill is automatically split."

I'm a big fan of any idea that involves me not having to do math that I otherwise would have had to do.

The comments were debating whether or not this or just paying for what you ate is better, but this way lets me think less, so I'm all for it.

"My coworker’s scarf looks like a CVS receipt."

As far as CVS receipts go, this one is actually pretty small, but at least it serves another function besides just being a piece of modern waste to marvel at. Now, we can be kept warm and toasty while also being reminded of that coupon that's about to expire.

Piece by piece.

"A most beautiful thing: an artist in France fills holes in sidewalks with mosaics. He is known as the 'paving surgeon' and has been 'treating the wounds of urban streets since 2016'," wrote the caption to this tweet, explaining this beautiful piece of city repair!

"[In] my school you can come here to go [to sleep] if you’re tired."

Having a designated nap room in schools can be a life saver for many students, though I do think it's funny that they added what either looks like toys for small children or large cats to liven the place up.

"This bench designed specifically for people that want to chat to strangers."

And hopefully, there's a corresponding bench for those of us who wish to talk to no one when we're out in public? Being approached while on the street, for any reason, is my worst nightmare. If this bench is my only sitting option, I'll stand.

"My friend's baby yoda drink."

Aw, how cute! A simple yet effective design that makes for what's probably a very yummy drink.

Though I'm not sure I would feel comfortable knowing that I'm slurping up Grogu's internal bodily fluids, but maybe I'm just overthinking it.

"Frog world in 1950's tv set."

Whoa, frog world looks cool as hell! It's clear that this owner cares a lot about their frogs, and also has a heaping helping of creativity in their system to not only think of this but make it real. Hopefully, the frogs enjoy their new crib!

'This legally valid Santa Dollar from 1995."

Many were quick to point out that this version is actually just a regular $1 bill with a Santa sticker on it, which I think is way worse. What do you mean they didn't commit to minting a ton of Santa bills?

"Our table at the local cafe is positioned over a medieval well."

It's definitely a cool place to be sitting, yes, but it's also a horrifying one. It's hard to sit and enjoy a latte while periodically gazing into the depths of the void below you, wondering what could be lurking down there.

"Supermarket near me has an aisle for 'lost spouse'."

No need to call your partner a bunch of times to try and catch up with them after losing sight of them for all of three seconds, now you can just reconvene in the lost spouse aisle and chat with all the other left-behind spouses in the meantime.

"Coffee cup jacket with a built-in cookie pocket."

Now, this is some real innovation. The perfect way to not only keep a hand free while strolling down the street with your locally-made coffee, but also a delightful method of keeping your cookie warm so it doesn't harden up in the harsh winter air!

"This bathroom door in the Holiday Inn can close in two positions."

You can decide if you want to be normal levels of small-bathroom claustrophobic, or if you want the special brand of claustrophobia that only comes from being in a gas station bathroom stall! This hotel is really dedicated to the experience.

"Wife and I got a bus for our dog business!"

In case you're wondering, the uploader said they do pack walks, home boarding, and dog training. I'm now obsessed with the thought of bringing my dog out to the bus and waving him off as he, essentially, goes to school for the day. How cute!

"Made a bridge out of only printer paper and [Elmer's] glue that can hold 185lbs+ [...]."

These types of creations are the best. No real purpose, no plan for use, just a challenge to see if it's possible.

Sure, functionality is great, but there's nothing purer than creating just for the sake of creating. And science.

"I saw Wood carved Stop Sign."

I wonder if there was any reasoning behind this? Is it meant to hold up to the elements better, is it easier to see for drivers, or does it just look neat and this neighborhood wanted to distinguish itself somehow?

"My mom bends all her cheese slicers like this for a better grip and an easier slice."

Wait, there are tools called cheese slicers? There are people out there who don't just use a knife to cut their grocery store blocks of marble cheddar?

While I'm interested in this seemingly fancier world of cheese cutting, I'm not sure this is how to go about it.

"The plane I flew on today was Star Wars themed."

Not only does the inside look supremely cool, but in a comment, the uploader said that, "The entire outside is actually painted black with lightsabers on it as well for the full effect!"

They had no idea the plane they booked that day was Star Wars themed either, what a cool surprise!

"The cords on my mom’s ceiling fan so you don’t mix them up."

Finally, an end to the experience of pulling one cord at random hoping it's the fan one, only for the lights to turn off, so you have to pull it again to turn them back on, then pull the second cord and wait a few seconds as nothing happens before the fan finally comes to life.