Lioness Rescued As Cub Is Living Her Best Life As A TikTok Conservation Advocate

Sirga the lioness has beat long odds after a rough start in life.

The odds were stacked against her right from birth, but she's now living life as a happy adult lion — and she's a TikTok star to boot.

Read on, because Sirga's story is super compelling.

This is Sirga as an adult.

Instagram | @sirgathelioness

You can tell she's a healthy, well-adjusted adult lioness who's living comfortably at a wildlife refuge.

But life wasn't always so easy for Sirga. Her early months were chaotic, and it's somewhat of a miracle that she even survived.

She was rejected by her mom.

Instagram | @sirgathelioness

That wasn't even the worst of it!

After Sirga was born, she lost all of her siblings to attacks by other lions. Then, Sirga's traumatized mother refused to feed her.

Right from her earliest days, life was tough for little Sirga.

She went from foundling to TikTok star.

To understand her unlikely journey, it's important to recognize how Sirga got her new lease on life.

Valentin Gruener, who co-founded a wildlife refuge in Botswana, came across Sirga and decided to give her a chance.

She's like a big puppy dog.

One of Valentin and Sirga's most popular TikTok videos shows Sirga — now a big cat weighing hundreds of pounds — leaping exuberantly into her caretaker's arms. She's clearly used to living with humans.

She's in the perfect environment.

Wild animals who've been raised by humans are often unfit for re-introduction to the wild. Sirga likely fits into this category, unfortunately. But on the plus side, she has everything she needs at the refuge.

Those toe beans...

Lions are wild animals, far different from their much smaller, domesticated cousins. But videos like this show you that, at heart, a cat is a cat is a cat — even if it's gigantic and could easily kill you.

Sirga is a gentle giant.

Most people would, and should, feel nervous around a big cat. But Sirga is incredibly companionable with her human caretakers.

"Sirga is amazingly gentle for a very large cat," Valentin told NBC. "When I go to see her, she always hugs me like in that video."

The TikTok reactions are exactly what you'd expect.

If you're thinking that you want some lioness snuggles of your own, you're not alone.

"I want a lion so bad," wrote one commenter.

"I bet she would give her life protecting you," wrote another.

It's an educational experience.

Instagram | @sirgathelioness

Sirga's viral fame goes further than simple cute cat videos.

"We do a lot of Q and A videos and let people comment, [so we can] answer questions they might have about this life," Valentin said.

"Sirga, in some ways, is a bit of an ambassador for nature, conservation, or the wild lions that are really out there."

Instagram | @sirgathelioness

You can find Val and Sirga on social media under the handle @sirgathelioness.

Make sure to check them out on TikTok and Instagram

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