20 Unexpected Things People Came Across Despite The Odds

There are a lot of times when you come across something totally unexpected. But usually, those things don't defy all the odds. At least, not in every case.

But these people came across some things that they probably shouldn't have. Not because they're bad or anything. Just because they're statistically super unlikely. And yet, they happened anyway.

"My puppy looks like how I drew dogs in fourth grade."

I feel like all dogs lie down and sleep in really weird positions, but this is the absolute strangest. Yes, even stranger than when they sleep on their backs with their little feet in the air. This puppy looks like a cartoon.

"Near perfect end fold while wrapping presents."

I don't know if this is luck, skill, or a bit of both, but I love it. This present is wrapped as perfectly as a present can be. It's almost too bad someone's going to open it at some point.

"A church where I live that got struck by lightning."

I've heard that we all have a higher chance getting struck by lightning than winning the lottery. I wonder if that goes for churches, too. Maybe the chance is a little higher if it has a metal rod on the roof.

"This speck of paint on the floor looks like a woman with an afro."

That's so crazy! You know, that picture almost looks like me after I've washed my hair and haven't done anything to it. Talk about a crazy coincidence that totally isn't weirding me out.

"A rainbow formed a perfect circle on some clouds."

I think the wildest thing about this cloud rainbow is that you can only see it from a plane. Like, you'd have to be above the clouds, and at the perfect spot just to see it.

"Handmade nails from 1852 I found in the floorboards of a historical house I’m restoring."

I guess this shouldn't be too surprising, but it still seems pretty unlikely. After all, these nails are, like, 170 years old, and they still look like they're in decent condition. Not house building condition, but still.

"Workers on a scissor lift floating in a swimming pool."

I would honestly never expect to see this in my life, but mainly because it seems like a colossally bad idea. I guess if either one of them fall, they'll land in the water? Still seems dangerous, though.

"My photo (top) and Norman Rockwell’s 1967 painting (bottom) of Main Street in Stockbridge, Massachusetts."

Finding the exact street that an iconic painting like this was based on shouldn't be too hard. But it's amazing how this street looks so similar to how it did over 50 years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

"Cement patches from recent repairs of my home kinda looks like a lion on the edge of a cliff."

I see that. It's really giving me Lion King vibes. Like, Simba returning home to defeat Scar or something.

But I also kind of see a nun kneeling down. Either or, I guess.

"The way the sky reflected off the glass at sunset made the balconies look as though they're floating."

Sometimes, it's just about being in the right place at the right time. And this picture definitely couldn't have been taken from other angles or times of day. Crazy how that works.

"Old negative found in a random book in the street."

I mean, how often do you find a book on the street? And even when you do, you probably aren't going to pick it up and open it. But hey, maybe next time you'll find an old negative, too.

"Raccoon posed for the photo."

I think a racoon is the last thing we'd expect to find anywhere, even if they are pretty common creatures. Still, imagine going to throw something out in that trash can only to find a racoon instead.

"Found a calendar page inside our old piano. Friday, 7th June 1912."

I'm not going to lie, that kind of stresses me out. If that slip went unnoticed inside a piano for a hundred and ten years, who knows how well that old piano's being maintained. That poor, poor instrument.

"My ramen packet had two pouches of seasoning."

As someone who eats a considerable amount of instant ramen, this hasn't happened to me yet. But it happens to plenty of people all the time, so there' still hope.

"This vegetarian recipe book has bacon on the cover."

I looked at that bacon-wrapped asparagus a few times, hoping it wasn't bacon. But, it is. Looks like they made a mistake when putting that quiche (?) together for the magazine photoshoot.

"I’m the only apartment with the holiday spirit."

I guess if you live in a place where they don't celebrate Christmas or any of the other holidays around that time of year, you won't see a lot of lights up in houses or apartments. Maybe you're the weird one.

"This happens to my hands at cold temperatures."

That... looks kind of painful. But hopefully it isn't.

Man, don't you just hate how our bodies do weird things to try and combat cold? Like, no, I still want my hands to be normal in the cold, thank you very much.

"Random stranger & I have wedding rings cut from the deck of the same WWII battleship."

This is kind of life a once in a lifetime thing. Like, how often do you find a stranger who has the exact kind of obscure engagement ring that you do? Probably not that often.

"The Big Dipper perfectly lined up from my bedroom window."

This is pretty impressive. Especially since all the stars in the sky are basically in fixed positions, so it's not like you can move them to line up with your bedroom window. You just have to get lucky.

"My can of cat food had a double lid. Can confirm she's very disappointed."

This is bad enough when it happens to people food. But cat food? Man, they better open that up quick before the cat decides she's had enough and starts a riot or something.

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