20 Quick Fixes Which Were Not Necessarily Quick And Arguably Didn't Fix Anything

You can always tell when someone has done a bit of a slap-dash job on the fly, with the results often being noticeable because they are...well, not great.

With this in mind, we're going to show off some questionable fixes and ideas. So, please enjoy these 20 quick fixes which were not necessarily quick and arguably didn't fix anything!

"When we say we will buy anything, we really mean it."

I just have no idea where to even start with this madness. I mean, what was the thought process here...or lack of for that matter. If anyone can shed any light on this then that would be much appreciated.

"This is my smart thermostat remote monitoring system."

I thought that there was some sort of innate trigger in ever father's brain that alerts them when someone touches the thermostat, so why do you need this elaborate setup I wonder?

"My fiancé has ripped his joggers at work and used cable ties."

I can actually imagine some high-end designer stealing this look and charging rich idiots hundreds of dollars to buy a pair. That's the fashion world for ya!

"Located somewhere in South Africa..."

At least they had the foresight to put their hazard lights on, that way people around them will know that they are completely insane and should be avoided at every possible cost.

"Ah yes a bottle belt..."

The classic bottle belt, this is just one of those looks that will simply never go out of style. There are some things that are timeless aesthetics, and the bottle belt is definitely one of them.

"I fixed the wall just like you asked, boss."

"Just because you have filled a wall with bricks doesn't mean that you have 'bricked it up'."

"I think that is exactly what it means! Who made you the boss?"

"Well, me, because I am your boss!"

"At least they stopped for the bus."

At this point of seeing people do stupid things in cars on the internet, I am kind of just glad that they are actually using straps! Also, how did they get it on there in the first place?

"Nobody was home to close that window."

Why could they not have just used the sign to shimmy the window closed? I feel as though the people putting that sign in just wanted to make a point with this move.

"Well that was fixed pretty easily."

Sure, he looks angry on the surface, but all he really wants to do deep down is help baby lambs. People really shouldn't be so quick to judge those around them!

"The tape dispenser at work."

This hack sure used a lot of tape. Although, at least they had a lot of tape to hand. You have to use what you have at your disposal when it comes to a quick fix.

"I think he might have gotten a little bit too creative..."

Let me tell you right now, I am a huge fan of this design choice!

Yep, that's it. That is perhaps the lowest I have stooped this year. Ah, who cares anyway, the new year is just around the corner!

"Customer said, 'Don't worry you can put it in the lift with her in the car she won't mind.'"

It really looks as though she will not mind one bit. I cannot get over how much that pig is smiling, are pigs known to smile that much?!

"Introducing, the pizza box laptop!"

I am sure that you will not have a problem with it overheating. Although, if you do then it could very easily burst into flames I suppose, which is not something you want from a laptop.

"What else can I say."

If they needed a gate fixing and happened to have a spare seatbelt and clip lying around then why not do this!? Sure, it might look a little strange but it will do the job, probably.

"My zipper broke at work, right before a few important meetings."

There surely had to be slightly less obvious ways of covering yourself? At the very least they could have tried to color the safety pins in black with a Sharpie or the like?

How Did They End Up Going With This Idea?

I never thought that washing machines could be so integral to building stone walls? Also, it looks as thought they have managed to use a bed spring gate, which really just ties the whole image together!

"My company just upgraded their security system."

"We need more cameras I say!"

"Okay, but maybe we should think about spreading them out a little bit more, just putting them all in the same place will not really..."


The Weirdest Cinema Ever?

"My friend and I (both aged 45+) belatedly got round to going to see Dune today. In the meantime our local multiplex had relegated the film to the kids' hall. Oh well, if life gives you lemons..."' wrote the person who posted this.

There Is Something Wrong With This Image...

"Customer bought wheels and tires online, after advising multiple times that the tires are too small for his SUV he insisted for us to put them on," wrote the poor individual who worked on this.

"How we fixed the rats' hole..."

Another person who has experienced something similar added, "I had an apartment a while ago where a rat chewed a hole through the floor. The landlord fixed it by putting a brick over the hole."

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