Job Posting Pretending To Offer $100/Hour Causes Backlash: 'Just Kidding'

The job hunt is never easy, but it's been particularly difficult lately, for both people looking for employment AND for those companies looking to hire. More than ever, employees and dissatisfied workers are making their feelings known about their current working conditions, and not letting companies get away with the kind of shady business practices that some are known for.

A recent job posting shared online attracted a lot of attention from Reddit users who felt the company was being disrespectful of potential employees before they were even hired.

It started when one Reddit user shared a job posting they'd seen online.

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Redditor jdsamford created a post in the Anti-Work subreddit captioned "I know nothing about this place, other than that I call bullshit on making jokes about paying employees." His post included a picture of a job posting hanging in a store's window for a company called Luv Luxe.

The posting initially offered $100 an hour.

"Now Hiring: $100.00 An Hour," reads the sign in big font, and then underneath in smaller, lighter font, "Just kidding but made you look! Come in and apply. Coolest place to work around town!"

Reddit's response was not happy about the sign making light of recent tension surrounding wages.

People in the comments were not pleased.

"Marketing 101: make your potential hire feel stupid for thinking they’re going to make anything more than below living wage," wrote Reddit user river0fdeceit.

JacketLabor added "I can't speak to the legitimacy of this business, but I can say that joking about paying employees is never funny. It's an insult to everyone who has ever had to work for a living."

Some Redditors took it upon themselves to send the company emails explaining how they feel about the job posting.

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"This is not the time to exclude and ridicule the working men and women upon whose shoulders your business rests. Your establishment only exists because of their hard work, and I advise you strongly to consider that you exist at their discretion," one user wrote out as a copy of an email they sent in.

What do you think? Was the posting just a joke, or was it outright mockery?