20 Moments To Make You Think That The World Doesn't Actually Know What Is Going On

People like to pretend that the world makes sense and that everything goes according to a plan, but that is just not the case. In fact, it can often seem as though the world, and the people in it, are just winging it!

Sticking to this idea, please enjoy these 20 moments to make you think that the world doesn't actually know what is going on.

"Oh dentistree, oh dentistree!"

A few people did wonder if you would have to cover this in dental floss instead of tinsel. I think that they could use braces on certain rows of teeth to replace the baubles as well.

"Delivered the package just like you asked..."

This has got to be a joke. If it isn't then there is someone out there who may need to start looking for another job, I do not think that delivering packages is for them.

Social Media Is A Fantastic Place At Times!

As far as spelling errors go, these are some of the best ones that I have ever seen. Are these even still classified as spelling errors or are they in a different class of their own?

"A machine came through my local John Deere for repairs from the tornado in Kentucky."

And yes, that is a piece of corn jammed through the windshield. Who knew that a single piece of corn could be used to create such damage?!

"Found in family members workshop, appears to be cast steel or iron, hand for scale."

As it turned out, this was actually a vintage mail bag hook. It was apparently used for holding large sacks or bags open while you are filling them up.

"This PT cruiser is"

I have never understood why anyone would ever want to buy or drive a PT Cruiser, and this abomination only further cements my confusion on that point. Also, to park where they have parked is an extra penalty.

That Hits A Little Too Close To Home For Some...

A lot of places only want you to feel as though your health is valued, without actually having to take time off due to your health. However, it seems as though less people are prepared to agree to such working conditions in this day and age.

"You sit on a throne of lies."

At least when it is stocked like this you get all of that extra space and cardboard free of charge! Who wouldn't want a load of extra, useless cardboard to clutter up their bins!?

"Locked my door and ran outside my apt in a hurry, keys got caught inside."

What are the odds of this happening? This is one of those moments where you just have to resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have a very bad day indeed.

They Must Be Really Excited For Christmas!

If you have forgotten to buy any decorations for your Christmas tree this year then just do this to your hair and sit under your tree. It is far easier than just going out and buying some more decorations.

"One pothole away from a good time at the hospital."

There is a lot to dwell on in this picture. It took me ages to even clock that the driver was on his phone while driving this scooter! Amazing stuff!

"Sleep outside, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Well, I am never sleeping again."

I am sure that they were perfectly harmless. However, that being said, I still would not fancy sharing a tent with them that is for sure!

Living The Greenest Of Lives!

I actually think that this is pretty cool. I am not entirely sure what it is for though, unless it is linked up to a mask that she is wearing? It's pretty trippy either way!

"This lady is letting these puppies breathe."

I didn't even realise that these were nails at first. Why would anyone ever want their nails to look like this? Also, how would you ever do anything at all with your hands?

"Tell Me Why..."

Everyone just wants to know why, be them children, therapists, or mid-to-late 90s boy bands. Is that such a crime? 'Why what?' you may ask...well, why everything if you must know! Why everything!

The Worst In The Business...

The person who posted this explained:

"I wondered why my 3-year-old roof was leaking. Turns out the solar panel installers just drilled 20-30 holes to find the roof joist…and then missed it. Bonus: the company has since been acquired, and the acquiring company has gone out of business."

"What is this dumpster looking thing on this roof? It has been there for a while so I don't think it is a dumpster."

"It is an old solar system for heating either air or water (not for generating electric power). In the 1980s, there were lots of tax credits for adding solar things, and one way to get a fat credit for not much effort was a solar air or water heater," pointed out one helpful person.

"Designed by a genius."

"Hey can I borrow one of those lighters that you have stuck to your head?"

"Yeah, sure. They used to be in my hair but I haven't got any more hair any more."

"Why not?"

"Take a guess..."

It Is All About Comfort And Efficiency!

There are probably a lot of people out there who like to game while they are on th toilet...probably? Well, if you know anyone who does like to do this, then this is the present for them!

"A brush with more brushes instead of bristles! But what is it for?"

This was not a brush used for painting several mice at the same time as I thought, rather it was for painting parallel lines. A more boring answer sure, but the right one.