30 Moments Where The World Proved That It Still Had A Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Sure, people might think that they have seen all that the world has to offer, but those people are talking out of their backsides. In fact, just when you least expect it, the world can throw you a right curveball.

So, to show that there is still some excitement in this world of ours, here are 30 moments where the world proved that it still had a few tricks up its sleeve.

"If polar bear attacks, you must fight back

How on Earth are you meant to go about this? They could maybe give you one or two pointers to try and execute while you are fighting for your life against a damn polar bear!

"Elevators are really fun."

A lot of people are already scared of elevators as it is, so the idea of getting in one and seeing this would leave most people in hysterics. Also, who is jumping in an elevator anyway?

"There was a straight up 4 oz chunk of Doritos seasoning in the bag."

Sure, you could break it up and disperse the flavor, or you could do what you must and eat it in one giant bite. Imagine the intensity of that flavor sensation!

"This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through."

Now, thanks to this handy coat, you can make sure that everyone around you knows exactly what tricks you have up your sleeves at all times! What a great idea!

"This dish that I ordered that kinda looks like Homer Simpson!"

The people who work in this restaurant must surely have intentionally stacked the plate so that it looked like this? There is no way that this is an accidental Homer Simpson.

"The restaurant I work at was a bank years ago. You can eat in the vault if you make reservations."

And if you do not pay for your meal then they just lock you in until you do. It is kind of like the ultimate built-in security system!

"This cat with orange, grey and black fur gave birth to 3 kittens each of whom took one of its colors: 1 orange, 1 grey, 1 black."

This is absolutely amazing, although that cat does look quite sick of people taking pictures of its kittens!

"Japan has clearly decided to declare war on Italy."

I actually think that this looks pretty damn good. I know that admitting that will probably annoy a lot of people, but by God I would love to try this monstrosity.

"Chris would have wanted it this way."

Maybe Chris's dying wish was for someone to replace him at work? It would be a pretty weird, and sad, dying request like, but you never know what is going on in other people's heads!

"This house in my neighborhood that has no windows at all."

"The only other time I've seen something like this is where it was a fake house, designed to hide something, like a bunker. But if you're going to the trouble of making a fake house you'd put fake windows in it, to maintain the illusion, right?" asked another person.

"This unique way a hotel chose to block a urinal to enforce social distancing in the men's room in the lobby..."

I am absolutely certain that there would still have been men who used this urinal despite the presence of this plant!

"I haul the windmill blades for electric wind turbines."

I obviously know that wind turbines are massive, but seeing one of the blades lying down like this is still quite hard to fathom.

"Bought a record online last week. Seller shipped it using cut up pool noodle taped to the box to keep the record in place."

There is nothing that cannot be done with a pool noodle, as I have always said! Well...I've said it at least once.

"This Tiny Grater."

What a grate find! Wow, yeah that was a new low for me, sorry. I keep thinking that I have gone as low as I physically can, and then a "grate" joke comes along that I just cannot resist.

"I found a diamond in my shoe while working out…"

I am sure that this cannot be a real diamond...right? If it was though then that would be one of the most amazingly lucky things to find on the floor of a gym!

"What am I supposed to do with this information?"

I hope that you are driving a pretty damn nimble car, either that or a tank. 12 miles is a pretty long distance to have to drive all while being terrified of something landing on your head.

"We must deter the cyclists at all costs!"

Christ, someone around here really hates cyclists! They need to get the local metal detector enthusiasts out to try and locate all of these little rascals before they hurt the local dogs...and people, I guess.

"Cleaning out the office, found 2 iPod shuffles from 2009 in a filing cabinet. Sealed, unopened, unused. 1GB each."

What an amazing find! I would love to find one of these, and to think that it has one hole GB of space on it as well!

"If they have to post this why is this beach even open to the public?"

Because the local council obviously know that some donuts are going to swim here regardless of what warning signs they put up, this is just to cover them against any legal action probably.

"On a trail in Bald Eagle State Forest, PA."

If there is anything that would make me want to go down this trial, then this sign is it! They may as well have written, "Go know that you want to!"

"This is scary."

It looks as though she has been on one hell of a spree. Also, she doesn't look like the sort of person who I would expect to be making a joke like that on the side of her car...

"A goose family calmly hanging out with the scary wolf statue that's supposed to deter them from doing just that."

Geese do not fear anything you fools! They have no natural predators, they are nature's cruel joke on the world, a relentless, merciless killing machine."

"When the stylist says, 'I'm having a tough time with your hair line!'"

If anyone says this to you while you are getting your haircut, odds are you should probably have never sat down. I wonder how much they paid for this cut?

"Removing a cheap mirror glued to the wall, only to find an even cheaper mirror glued to the wall beneath it."

And when they tried to pull that one off, they found that there was an even cheaper mirror behind that one! It turned out that all of the walls were really made of mirrors in the end.

"Dropped my cologne in my sink."

I think that they maybe need to start making sinks out of whatever this cologne bottle is made out of in the future. That is one hell of a decently sized hole that it has made!

"We thought the candy van was scary..."

There is just not a chance in hell that I would ever go into the back of that van. If you see this van, just run away, run as far away as you can then keep running.

"Just so you know, a 10 foot pipe does not fit in a Toyota RAV4."

Wow, that was one hell of an acid test that they went for right here. I think that a lot of people could have guessed this before actually trying it, but whatever.

"This Broken Sign Is Still Accurate."

I like to think that someone did this deliberately by breaking more lights when they were meant to be changing one bulb. Breaking more lights is easier than changing bulbs after all.

"Yogurt arrangement at this market."

Good God, this must have taken absolutely ages to do! The staff member behind this must have been absolutely bored stiff to have found the time to make this.

"I won't be satisfied until i see my cat in this."

Right, I need to know who made this so that I can commission them to make me one. I think that my cat would love to be a mini tank!

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