Billie Eilish Breaks Out The Bouncy Castle To Celebrate Her 20th Birthday

While this has arguably been a big year for everyone, there's no denying that that's been especially true for Billie Eilish.

Not only has her sophomore release Happier Than Ever proved one of most successful albums of the year, but she's promoted it with a dramatic change in style that has stunned and divided fans with equal measure.

But while the year has had its ups and downs for Eilish, it seems that she's ending it strong with the perfect birthday bash for our inner child.

After turning 20 on December 18, Eilish treated her fans to a few photos of her super fun birthday bash.

And her cake brings to mind the complicated experiences of the folks whose birthdays fall pretty close to Christmas.

One on hand, they don't tend to get as many presents. But as we can see, that timing is also an excuse for a festive candy cane cake.

And as good as that cake looks, it was clear what really stood out from her big celebration.

Eilish's Instagram post marking the event simply said "20," but the fact that she included multiple pics of this bouncy castle strewn with celebratory lights makes it clear that this was her favorite part of the day.

Anyone who's seen her live knows how much she likes to jump around.

But while Eilish didn't have much to say about her birthday, the same cannot be said for her older brother Finneas.

And while he came through with some silly photos of his sister, he was much more serious in saying that it's been the "joy of his life" to watch Eilish grow to be a "thoughtful, incredibly kind, talented, hilarious and hardworking person."

In his words, "I’ll be your #1 fan till the day that I die. There is truly nothing I love more than being your big brother."