Mom Speaks Out After The Grinch Actor She Hired Ends Up Trashing Her House

The saying goes that our homes are our castles and that's usually because they're the places that tend to feel the safest for us in a scary and uncertain world.

That's why it can really mess us up when someone disturbs that feeling of safety for us by wrecking the environments we've carefully put together.

And while we can understand it when a rambunctious child is responsible for that damage, it induces a lot more paranoia in us when another adult decides to make a mess of everything. And that goes double in those unfortunate situations when this happens after we've paid someone to help us.

It's for this reason that one mom has been left feeling angry and betrayed after someone she hired to play the Grinch apparently took the role a little too seriously.

On December 13, Laura Magill of Belfast, Northern Ireland paid the equivalent of $112 to hire an actor to portray the Grinch for some holiday mischief.

As we can see, she sought to welcome this person with an assortment of party foods that included these custom-made cupcakes and this green beverage.

She explained in a Facebook post that has since been reposted to Twitter that the unspecified company she contacted for this service promised a fairly mild affair.

As Magill understood it, her Grinch was supposed to ruffle her kids' beds, have pillow fights with them, and throw toilet paper around the Christmas tree.

And once all that was done, the Grinch was supposed to take photos with the family.

All in all, none of this sounded like it was going to leave too much of a mess.

But whether the Grinch who actually arrived was one serious method actor or just really hated the gig, it was soon clear that things would turn out very differently than she planned.

Indeed, this photo depicting the aftermath of his visit shows that he only saw the nice spread she laid out for him as ammunition.

He ended up throwing all of the food around the room, which evidently smeared the frosting from those expensive cupcakes all over the floor.

And rather than covering her tree in toilet paper, the Grinch instead decided to break the decorations on it.

And as Magill showed in another picture from the incident, the Grinch's rampage didn't end there as he soon sprayed dish soap all over her kitchen floor.

We can also see the residue of the eggs he smashed in the background and it's clear that he utterly ruined her son's festive onesie.

As she put it, "A full bottle of juice poured all over my floor and SON!"

Needless to say, she couldn't really recommend the service after this and that was especially true once the company didn't respond to any of her complaints.

In her words, "Never been so disgusted in my life."

Did nobody tell him that he didn't actually have to steal Christmas?

h/t: Twitter | @cafucatfood

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