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Women Who Look Young Share The Strangest Things People Have Said To Them

Looking young is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, you're complimented for your eternal youth. But on the other? People tend to question if you're old enough to do certain things, like purchase alcohol at the liquor store or order a cocktail at the bar.

One woman was even accused of skipping school because she looked so young! For more stories, 15 women who look young share the strangest things people have said to them.

1. The compliment

When this woman bought alcohol from a liquor store, she was asked to show her ID to a kid behind the counter. He then said, "Woooah, you're 35?! You don't have wrinkles or anything. I'm 16 and I have classmates who look older than you!'"

Can this kid compliment us, too!?

2. The stretch marks

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"I had a police officer ask me where my daughters parents were and why we were out alone. I didn’t have any proof on me that she was mine lol I ended up just showing him my stretch marks. He was pretty embarrassed." - u/ohnospaghetti-o

3. The car accident

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This 30-year-old woman was involved in a car crash that was completely her fault. The other guy was upset, but completely calmed down once he saw the woman crying.

He said, "do you need me to call your parents to come and get you?"

He assumed she was a teenager!

He said that he was worried something like this would happen to his own daughter when she passed her test.

Since the Redditor was in so deep at this point, she had to carry on the charade and he even got her a McDonald’s breakfast to calm her down!

4. The teacher


"I started working at a high school and a fellow teacher turned to me and said 'I know you're new but freshmen should not be up here until 8:30.' Freshmen in my country are 14 I was 26-27 at the time." - u/CountingDownTheDays5

5. The menu

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When this Redditor went out to eat at a restaurant, they were told, "Here's your menu." It was a kids' menu and they were 22. This isn't even that bad, considering how delicious the kids' menu usually is!

6. The pregnancy

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"Me, 25, and quite pregnant, standing at the bus stop. Cue old guy, asking 'Do your parents know about this?' pointing to my belly. Me: I'm 25. Man: Yeah, but do they know? Me: Sir, I am married. Man: Oh, all right, then." - u/Muz_lie

7. The older boyfriend


When this woman was at the golf range with her high school boyfriend, they had a man in his 60s come up to them and give advice on how to swing.

He then asked, “do you and your father golf together often?”

It turns out that the guy thought that she was 12 years old and that her boyfriend was in his 30s.

And that they were father and daughter because of the age gap.

Very awkward situation all around, indeed!

8. The fake ID

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"When I was about 23, I went to buy beer from the store. The guy looked at my ID, looked at me, looked back at the ID, then me again. He just smiled and said, 'Sure, but I'll give it to you anyways.'" - u/brave_new_squirrels

9. The waitress

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When this woman was in Atlantic City for a family vacation, they went out to eat with everyone.

Some background info: they are the second oldest in their family with an age gap ranging from six to 13 years old with their younger siblings. They're also only five feet tall.

The hostess bent down to eye level with her hands on her knees and went down the line asking all of their younger siblings their ages.

When they got to the Redditor, she asked them the same question only to be shocked when they flatly answered, "19."

10. The minor


"I went to get the flu shot while running errands with my mom. The lady at the counter asked my mom to sign the forms for me because she thought I was a minor. I was 30." -u/beechums

11. The bad student


When this woman was 24, they had a police officer approach them in Target and accuse them of truancy.

That's because there was a school nearby and they thought they were a student who was skipping school.

12. The free pass

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"I went to a famous historical museum with my family, all of which are EXTREMELY tall except for me. I’m 5’8”, while they’re 6’0”+. My middle school cousin and I were the same height and she’s 12… so I got into the museum for free because children don’t need to pay, & they thought I was a child!" -u/nazo3515

13. The pub

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When this woman was in a pub with her in-laws, she was banned from ordering drinks for the family. That's because they thought she was underage!

She decided that she would let her husband order a drink for them to see if that would work.

Nope! The bartender refused since he said that she might still drink them.

From the other side of the room, her mother-in-law yelled loudly, "but she's 30!" They ended up going to a coffee place instead.

14. The accompanied minor

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"A TSA officer looking at me on my way to Florida checking my boarding pass and asking me 'umm how old are you?' Insinuating I might not be old enough to fly unaccompanied. I told him I'm 31. He almost fell off his stool." - u/mangofishsays

15. The diss

"I was 28 and had recently bought a house. Had someone tell me I'd understand things better when I was older. Dude, how old do you think I am. Turns out he thought I was 19." - u/dragon34

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