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Young Woman Found Out She Was Having A Baby 50 Minutes Before Giving Birth

There are many different ways to find out that you're pregnant when you're expecting.

Many women usually find out when they miss their first or second period. When you miss a cycle or two, it's usually an indicator that you're pregnant. However, there are also women who do not get their period regularly due to things like birth control pills.

When women are on pills it can change their period cycle.

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Some women get infrequent periods due to birth control pills, while others stop getting their period altogether.

When this happens, it's hard to know exactly whether or not you're pregnant because it's normal for you to have an "irregular" or a missing period.

One woman shared the story of her own birth control failure and how she found out she was pregnant when she was already giving birth.

TikTok user Hannah Violet shared the story of her daughter's birth on social media, going viral for being the young mom who found out she was having a baby only 50 minutes before she gave birth.

It all started when she woke up one morning with terrible stomach cramps.

She thought it was just constipation.

On the toilet, she tried to go to the bathroom, but she was in debilitating pain. Her parents came in to find her, and her pain progressively got worse.

Clearly, there was something "not right" with her body.

Her parents found her and said she'll need to go to the hospital.

In fear that she may have appendicitis, her parents wanted to take her to the hospital to make sure she was okay.

She was clearly scared and just wanted all of the pain to stop. Little did she know, there was more around the corner.

Her parents had to drive her because they "couldn't get an ambulance."

There were no available ambulances, so her father had to drive her to the hospital.

The entire car ride there, she was in immense pain and her parents told the ER receptionists when they arrived how badly her pain was.

To understand more, they wanted to take blood.

Not wanting to have a blood test done, she refused to have her blood taken. But, then she began to "leak fluid" from her body, which was apparently her water breaking.

Obviously, not knowing you're pregnant, you have no idea what the fluid is at that given moment.

The nurses then realized what was happening.

At that point, the nurses realized she was in labor and the fluid was her water breaking.

They had to prepare her for labor and delivery and get her prepped to deliver her baby. Anyone would be shocked and scared if they had no idea!

The TikTok user was "shocked."

She grew an entire human inside of her for months and had absolutely no idea.

And, many people were confused as to how she can be pregnant for all those months and had no idea she was pregnant at all.

In other videos, Hannah shared that she was on the pill.

She shared several times in videos that she was on the pill and she wasn't getting "regular, heavy" periods as many other women do who aren't on the pill.

She hadn't thought she could get pregnant because she was on the pill, but as doctors say, they're not 100% effective.

She also said at the hospital, she didn't have the best care.

"I gave birth 50 minutes after finding out I was pregnant then had to spend two days in hospital with midwives that provided hardly any support."

However, she had a paramedic who stayed by her side throughout the whole process.

Her parents stayed through it all and were supportive, too.

The teen mom's parents also found out the same day as she did, when they pulled her parents into a separate room while she was giving birth and told them the "good news" that they would be grandparents.

Hannah is now a mom to a "healthy 3-year-old daughter," and is very happy.