10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is So Successful That She Could Retire By 15

How rich were you when you were a kid?

Personally, I had, at most, ten bucks in my pocket at any given time. But others are a bit more ambitious.

Case in point: a ten-year-old Australian girl who's on the fast track to retirement.

This is Pixie Curtis.

Pixie, the ten-year-old daughter of a PR manager, is already a successful business owner.


Having a mom who understands the business world certainly doesn't hurt, but Pixie still deserves a lot of the credit for the success she's had.

Her first business was called Pixie's Bows.

The business has been around since Pixie was in diapers, which means her mom set it up for her.

But as Pixie grew up, she demonstrated a keen eye for business. One of her first successes was Pixie's Fidgets, which capitalized on the fidget spinner craze a few years back.

The larger business is called Pixie's Pix.

It's a bit confusing, but in short, Pixie's Bows came first, Pixie's Fidgets came next, and then Pixie's Pix came along to amalgamate both of them together.

This isn't just an Instagram side hustle, either. Pixie's Pix has made some serious bucks.

They brought in $200,000 in just their first month.

Pixie's eye for trends combined with her mom's business savvy have made for a winning combination.

Pixie could likely retire in five years.

When I was fifteen, I hadn't even worked a paying job yet. When Pixie's fifteen, she could be in line to settle down for a comfortable retirement. It's an incredible story for someone so young.

Her mom's seriously impressed.

"What is the most exciting thing for me is the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age," Pixie's mom told The Daily Telegraph. "I never had it, although it was drummed into me that I had to succeed."

This Christmas will be a fun one.

Spurred by her company's runaway success, Pixie plans on rewarding her mom this holiday season.

"I'm going to get her some new clothes because she has no good clothes at all, and I also want to get her some real hair because she desperately needs hair extensions," Pixie explained.

That isn't the end of the presents, though.

Unsplash | Jeremy Bezanger

"Today, my friend told me his family are going to Paris for Christmas and I think that's just wonderful," Pixie said. "So, I told mum I think we should go to my favorite place, which is Fiji. Mum, wouldn't you like to go to Laucala Island?"

It's heady stuff.

Unsplash | Aaron Huber

Pixie's Christmas largesse can also be explained by the presents she's received. A few months back, her mom bought her a Mercedes-Benz, a car that's worth six figures, even though Pixie isn't old enough to drive yet.

Should she retire or should she keep going?

Given her drive and entrepreneurial spirit, it seems a safe bet that Pixie will continue with her promising career.

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