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Divorced Men Are Sharing What Made Them Cut The Cord

We all have different "aha" moments in life.

Maybe it's remembering where you left your keys or finally knowing what you want to eat for dinner. Or maybe, it's the moment you know your marriage is over...

That's the moment these 17 men experienced for different reasons. Whether it was from cheating, toxic behavior, or something else, here's why they said "enough is enough" and walked away.

1. The friends

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You're supposed to be able to trust your spouse with other people, especially your friends.

But this Redditor had his friends approach him to complain that his wife was always sitting on their laps to try and sexually arouse them...

2. The lie

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"When she falsely told our marriage counselor that I punched her. I legitimately feared for my safety towards the end --- not that she would hurt me, but that she would make a false accusation to the cops or a crazy friend." - u/tomatuvm

3. The robbery

This Redditor knew his marriage was dunzo when his wife did a very despicable thing. She staged a robbery of their house so she could pawn all of their stuff for drug money. Yep, dealbreaker!

4. The quiz

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"She made me watch Oprah and there was a quiz. Is Your Marriage Okay or not type thing. In my head I saw 7 or 10 items that were Not Okay. She didn't see any. We had already been to counseling." - u/ShambValhalla

5. The Christmas present

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This Redditor was working on a sweet mother-daughter scrapbook as a Christmas present when he came across something disturbing.

While looking for photos on his wife's Google account, he found a picture of his wife with the man she was having her second affair with.

6. The "inappropriate conduct"

"When she presented a picture of our four-year-old daughter and me laying next to each other on the couch watching Blues Clues to our marriage counselor as evidence of my inappropriate conduct around our kids." - u/beaton_boatsagainst

7. The silent treatment


This Redditor and his wife flew across the country for her sister's wedding. For some reason, she didn't say a word to him the entire time they were at the airport or on the flight.

When he picked up her bag at their destination, she said, "None of my family knows you're here--I told them I came alone."

She then walked out of the airport and left him there.

Wondering what went wrong? "Narcissistic Personality Disorder made for some really fun scenarios," the husband wrote.

8. The name

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"When my 2 year old was learning to talk he would consistently say another blokes name. Apparently he was there the moment i left for work till when i got home. Single Dad for 5 years with primary custody now." - u/from_mars_to_sirious

9. The bench

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This husband used to love doing chores for his wife because she liked being taken care of.

So it really hurt him when she stopped noticing his efforts. One particular case of this was a bench he made for the entryway of their house.

It took him about 40 hours of work.

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When she walked into the house that night, she put her purse on the bench and proceeded to start a fight. She told him that she was mad that got married to him.

She then stormed out of the house without ever even noticing the bench.

10. The cheater

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"Finding her, on Christmas Eve Eve, still sexting a co-worker whom she claimed she was no longer in contact with (having been busted sexting him previously, also). I cleared out of there like a blackjack dealer." - u/justduett

11. The yelling

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You know marriage is on the rocks when even a three-year-old tells their mother and father to stop yelling! That's what happened to this Redditor who eventually got out. If you're fighting in front of the kids, that's not okay.

12. The manipulation

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"I found out she cheated on me, and upon me confronting her to discuss it, she manipulated me into thinking she was suicidal. Then she admitted the manipulation. DONE. She may have once been a nice person, that's all gone now." - u/irishknots

13. The deployment

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Members of the military are usually praised for their service, not chastized. But one husband was yelled at by his wife for interrupting his wife's family celebration when he called on Christmas.

14. The shopaholic

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"The third time I bailed the house out of foreclosure because she wouldn't pay the bills. Even though there was money in the accounts to cover it. I closed the account, handed her cash for the mortgage packed a bag my kids and left." - u/elemakii

15. The family vacation

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Normally, this is a fun time for families to relax together. But one husband knew his marriage was over when he hoped his wife would sleep the whole time so he could have fun with their son.

16. The roommates

"When I came to the sad realization that we were just good roommates and had been like that for years. We have been divorced for almost 10 years and she is one of my favorite people in the world, we just weren't supposed to be married." - u/ballplayer0025

17. The tantrum

When this husband's grandmother was on her death bed, his now-ex thought this was a good time to throw a childish fit because he ordered food that she didn't like. It was then that he realized how miserable he was being married to her.

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