Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Says It's Falling Out After Dye Treatment

There are few things in life that are more disheartening than telling someone about a big problem you're facing only to hear "again?" in response.

And indeed, it's hard not to feel a little embarrassed when your situation gives the impression that you haven't learned your lesson after what should have been a very educational ordeal.

That seems to describe the fix that Tessica Brown of Louisiana is in after reporting some newfound hair troubles almost a year after she caught the world's attention for getting Gorilla Glue stuck in her hair.

But while she didn't put the glue in her hair this time, that doesn't make the people following her story any less frustrated.

For those who are unaware, Brown posted a video on Instagram in February in which she explained that she had the same hairstyle for a month.

As we discussed at the time, she said this wasn't by choice but rather the result of "getting creative" with Gorilla Glue after her usual hair product ran out.

As plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng — who reversed the damage she did free of charge — described it to People, "The hair was all matted down and stuck to the scalp, and you can't move it, it's like wood or glass."

Obeng said this predicament left her both anxious and in a great deal of pain as her scalp was consantly under tension for month.

And after he reverse-engineered the glue's components to ensure his treatment would work, Obeng performed surgery on Brown, who referred to him as a miracle worker.

In Obeng's words, "You should have seen the tears of joy when she could finally run her fingers through her hair."

After this procedure, Brown began the long process of regrowing her hair using a product she helped launch called Forever Hair.

And as she explained in a video released on December 3, she had recently decided to start rocking her natural hair, but wanted to touch it up with a color treatment after noticing some gray strands.

As Brown put it, "So me thinking that my hair is strong enough to take chemicals — dude, no, it wasn't."

She went on to explain that after she went into the shower to rinse the dye out, her hair started to fall out in clumps.

As she said, "Look, it's just falling out. And I don't even know. It's like it's melted."

Sure enough, as she runs a comb through it in the video after showing off what's she's already lost, we can see more of these clumps materialize.

And while some of her followers came through with serious advice, others were just exasperated.

One fan wrote, "Tess you need to just let it be. Protective styles (braids and wigs), wash it regularly with chemical-free products, no dyes or chemicals. Just let it breathe! Your hair has been through too much this year."

But for many of the rest, the fact that Brown's hair was going haywire again was just too much to bear.

One user wrote, "I can’t take no more first it wouldn’t move now the damn thing falling and can’t get back up I need therapy!" while another said, "Girl The Year Ain't Even Over Yet."

Hopefully, Brown won't require such a major intervention this time.

h/t: People