People Online Share The Worst Holiday Gifts They Actually Received

Holiday gift-giving can be a lot of fun. I spend hours trying to come up with a perfect gifts for my loved ones. But truth be told, it can also be a pain in the you-know-what, especially when you have someone who's hard to shop for, right?

So it's no wonder that sometimes people just give up, and they end up gifting something that's well pretty questionable. The following examples made me laugh so hard.

This Sneaky Gifter

Wow, it must be exciting to see a lot of gifts under your Christmas tree. Am I right? I bet that's exactly what this person felt, too, until they found out it was otherwise. That's not cool at all.

This Odd Choice

So, these siblings definitely have a weird sense of humor. Don't you think? It's pretty funny when you think about it, but I hope it wasn't the only gift they got each other for Christmas, lol.

This Lost In Translation Idea

I kind of feel like it wasn't this husband's fault he got this gift wrong. Sometimes you need to be really specific otherwise, men can get easily confused. He did get her a pen set after all, eh?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving Back

Whoa, this gift idea took on another turn, huh? I guess the parents might've gotten confused and thought that they bought it themselves in a thrift store or something like that. It's pretty funny, though.

This Thoughtful Gift Idea

Doesn't it suck when a person gives you a gift they think would be enjoyable for you? When it turns out their idea was totally self-centered after all. I bet he thought that now she would go and play golf with him. Yeah, right!

This Stupid Move

I know that guys often think that giving their ladies useful gifts is the ultimate idea. But no woman ever thinks this is an appropriate Christmas present. You just turned her into a housewife and a cleaner, and I don't think she appreciates it.

This Ultimate Re-Gift

Ha, ha, ha! I can't stop laughing at that. Not only did the sister give them a gift they didn't need. She ended up getting it back in the ultimate re-gift surprise. I wondered if she liked it.

This Sweet Auntie

They say it's the thought that counts, right? Well, it doesn't always work out. This sweet aunt should have at least found out how old the kids were at the time and then found an appropriate gift for them.

This Dumbfunded Idea

I hate to tell this person that perhaps their aunt wanted to convert them somehow. It's pretty crappy if you ask me, but you can't really pick your family. Now, can you? I bet they wish they could. Am I right?

This Unfortunate Choice

Oh my goodness, that's just not fair. I would never force my kid to wear a sweater that made them break out in a rash only because it was from Grandma. That seems like the worst Christmas ever.

This Rude Present

Let me give you some advice: unless a person specifically asks for exercise gear, don't buy it for them. Almost 99% of the time, the gift is going to be taken the wrong way.

This Unexpected Turn Of Events

I don't know about you, but I think this lady's boyfriend was a major jerk. And I guess she should have figured it out because as her hashtag says, he cheated on her two weeks later. At least she dodged a bullet, huh?

This Cheeky Grandma

I know that every grandma is a character, but, boy, does this lady take the cake. I can't believe she still insists on buying these ladies' big girls' underwear. But then to make them show it to her - that's definitely unique, lol.

This Major Gaffe

OMG, this is so bizarre. Not only was this person 19 and a little too old for a coloring book, but it came used and broken. Definitely a #GiftFail.

This Poor Mommy

I once had a thought to get a drum set for our nephew. But then I had the sense to really think it through, and thankfully I changed my mind. I definitely don't want the parents to hate me, ha, ha!

This Unfortunate Gift Choice

OMG, I so feel this lady's pain here. I once bought a hamster I didn't know was pregnant, and she did the same thing to her babies. However, she didn't die, but I felt like ending her after that.

This Double Whammy

I honestly feel bad for anybody whose birthday falls near Christmas. I mean, it's hard for people to have to shop twice. Am I right? So, often what ends up happening is that they get one gift for both occasions, and that's just sad.

This IOU

Really, dude? This is your idea of a Christmas gift? Seriously, guys, I'm going to give you a valuable piece of advice. Never do this EVER because no woman will be cool with it, okay? Spend some time and buy her a gift in time for Christmas if you know what's good for you.

Oh my goodness, ha, ha!

I don't think I've ever gotten gifts as bad as these ones. Somebody once gave me an ornament that was from two years ago. I guess they got it in the clearance bin, that's all. What was the crappiest holiday gift you've ever received?