15+ Gifts Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Wine

I bet everyone on your holiday shopping list is totally different, right? There are the animal lovers, the sports enthusiasts, and let's not forget, the health freaks. Hello, I'm one of them.

Then there are those who take their wine drinking to the next level. You can't mess with them. So I hope the following ideas will satisfy even the most discerning winos in your life.

1. Wine Aerator


A gift that's perfect for that wine perfectionist who wants to enjoy a perfect tasting pour every single time. So treat your wine connoisseur to this baby!

2. Electric Wine Opener And Corkscrew


Never let your loved one struggle to open another bottle of wine again, and they will also be able to preserve their wine, too.

3. Merlot Infused Coffee

Uncommon Goods

Turns out you can be both a wine lover and a coffee lover. Hee, hee. I bet your wine-loving friend will also enjoy this merlot infused coffee.

4. Wine Condoms


If you want to be cheeky with your gift-giving, get your friend these wine condoms to pair with a romantic evening.

5. Classic Wine Chiller


Make sure your loved one always has perfectly chilled wine at their fingertips when you get them this cool corkcicle wine chiller. What an awesome idea.

6. Animal Wine Markers


Who doesn't enjoy throwing a wine party? Huh? Now everybody will remember which wine glass is which with these adorable animal wine markers. Meow!

7. Outdoor Wine Table

Uncommon Goods

There's nothing more fun than a summer picnic, especially if there's wine. This collapsible wine table can travel anywhere and makes a perfect little wine station.

8. Wine Ice Cream

Mercer's Dairy

If there is wine-infused coffee then, of course, there is also wine-flavored ice cream. Right? OMG, who knew this even existed. I want it!

9. Wine Decanter


Wine connoisseurs swear by these fancy looking decanters, so why deprive them of this wine-drinking ritual? Just get this pretty-looking thing and you're set.

10. Stemless Wine Glasses With Grip


I used to drink wine out of those fancy wine glasses but that proved to be a hazard. Wish somebody gifted me these nifty glasses instead.

11. Wine Lover Socks


If your wine-loving friend has everything you can possibly have that has to do with wine, then you can give them these cozy socks instead.

12. Vinebox Subscription

Vine Box

Picking the right bottle of wine for someone with a unique taste can be tricky. So get them a wine subscription instead and they can try many.

13. Wine-O-Saur Wooden Wine Rack


OMG, how cute is this wine rack? I think this is the most unique gift for a wine lover I've seen so far. How fun.

14. Wine Slippers


If you're having a cozy night in with a glass of wine and some Netflix, these slippers will complete your night. Buy a pair for yourself and your bestie!

15. Wine Stickers


These hilarious stickers make it easy to customize your wine glasses... or anything else that could use a touch of wine.

Finding the right gift for that wine lover in your life doesn't have to be that hard.

I think all these options are all fabulous depending on your budget.