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Mom Shares How She Got Her Son To Stop Pooping At Night At Only 4 Weeks

Many people who are having children stock up on baby needs and things that are necessities.

Many believe that diapers are one of the most needed things for babies when they give birth. Since babies go to the bathroom so frequently, changing diapers are something all parents need to learn early on. And, changing diapers last for quite some time, until the kids are potty trained.

Normally, children begin potty training when they begin walking.

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Many parents begin potty-training kids when they're walking, around age 2. This is always a process, as kids have to learn that they no longer are in diapers and can't just "go as they please."

Some parents find potty training easy, while others find the process long and challenging.

Some decide to begin potty training earlier, too.

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Parents oftentimes want to potty train earlier, too, because the benefits are tremendous.

Not only do they not have to change diapers and clean up huge messy blowouts, but they also save a ton of money on expensive diapers that just go into the trash.

One mom recently clapped back at TikTok users who claim that you "can't potty train too early."

TikTok user and mom mixedandnerdy shared a video to clap back at people who constantly told her that you "can't start potty training them from birth."

She argues that you absolutely can, and to prove her point she shared the story of her son.

The mom said it's called "elimination communication."

According to research, Elimination Communication is an easy and gentle way to be alert to a baby's needs when it comes to using the bathroom.

Many say that babies are constantly trying to showcase and tell their caregivers when they need to go to the bathroom.

The mom shared they started at birth.

The TikTik mom shared that she has been practicing this with her son since day 1.

Whenever he needed to go to the bathroom, they would respond by bringing him to the toilet so that he would begin to signal the two together.

At 4 weeks old, he stopped pooping at night.

After beginning to regulate his system more, her son stopped pooping at 4 weeks old, when most babies still poop in their diapers for many months after that.

She shared the rest of the progress, too, with TikTok users.

At 5 weeks, he would "grunt" when he had to go.

By 13 weeks, he was walking all by himself to the toilet when he had to go.

And, his underwear stayed dry all day, with no accidents at all. By 20 months, he was able to stay dry all throughout the night.

Some online shared that they also did this with their own kids.

Some parents online said they also did elimination communication with their kids and it saved them a ton of money.

In addition, they saved on waste because there were no diapers to throw out and create more waste.

Others loved the idea, but hated the time frame.

Many people said that they loved the idea behind this and the commitment.

But even with their own, older kids, it took a whole two weeks to get them to stop having accidents, and trying to do so for 20 months is a long, long time.

Many, however, thought this was far too early.

Some argued that because their bladders are not very strong, they may develop problems like kidney damage or even constipation down the road.

Some also said it would lead to more accidents than if parents let them wear diapers.

However, a pediatric MA said it's totally fine.

One pediatric MA commented on the TikTok video saying that there is nothing wrong with it and told those who complain to stop in their tracks.

As long as this baby is happy and healthy and having regular bowel movements, all is well!