20 Moments That Made Us Think That Someone's Lights Were On, But No One Was Home

We all know the expression "The lights are on, but there's no one home." I don't know why this expression is so popular, perhaps it is because it gives you such a strong mental image of someone without having met them.

Anyway, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 20 moments that made us think that someone's lights were on, but no one was home.

"No mask, no problem. I have an idea…you just need to wait in the car!"

"Look, I need you to take your underpants off real quick."


"Don't look at me like that, it's nothing weird!"

"Oh, okay."

"Yeah, I just want to put my head in them."


"Those Damn Kids Have Got To Learn."

I love this so much. I cannot believe that he actually went down and accepted the award in front of all of those kids and their parents, I admire your courage my man.

"Don't worry, I fixed the wall boss!"

Just pump in a load of cement and call it a day I reckon, should be fine if you do that. I mean, I have no experience in building walls, or anything for that matter, but there's my two pence.

"This has happened to me an embarrassing number of times."

Wow, I am genuinely made up that it is not only me who does this. And yet, no matter how many times I do it, I still do it again and again!

"When you visit the ER and spend a couple of thousand dollars for the doctor to be Captain Obvious."

It seems as though this doctor may have just been looking to have a bit of an easy day on the job. Either that or they really need to go back to medical school.

"The circle is complete."

I suppose that there are just some people out there who like to talk through a retro handset! Nothing like the feeling of getting tangled up in a phone cable to make you feel like you are in the early 2000s.

"This is how you make an inspirational poster for the students!"

They may as well have just written, "Yeah, yeah, whatever..." on there. Although, do these kinds of things ever actually help people anyway? I would kind of prefer an inspirational sign that just said, "Meh..."

"Oh no! Anyway..."

Another individual shared their own woeful tale, writing:

"I once got absolutely [hammered] in Central London and jumped on the wrong train home & fell asleep on the train immediately. I was living in South East London - 40 minutes away - and I awoke in Preston near Liverpool. That night [was] crazy long."

Can I Offer You A Rock In This Trying Time?

"This was what Kaiser Permanente gave to their nurses to recognize them during nurses week," wrote the person who posted this. Wow, Kaiser Permanente, did you really think this was a good idea?

Wow, What A Great Sale!

I cannot believe that this place is slashing prices so much! What will they be doing next, charging people get two products for the price of two? Absolute mad buggers in charge of this store!

"Dr. Pepper I think you went too far this time."

I do not think that the word I would use for these type of beans would be "sassy." I can think of a lot of words, but "sassy" would definitely not be one of them!

"I am a menace to society. My dumb pregnancy brain accidentally ordered my husband a burrito with NO TORTILLA."

I think that this could only be salvaged at this point by adding chips. Actually, adding chips to this would make this one hell of a meal!

"I am only bilingual."

Maybe the local language is English? I am really trying to find a way to stick up for this person here, okay? They clearly need someone fighting their corner in this specific battle for their job!

"Yes, I am 34 years old."

Getting in one of these kids' rides is the easy part, getting out of them is the incredibly difficult bit! I hope you've got some voltarol, you'll have an aching back for a week!

"Maybe they thought it was the same as Spanish?"

I wish that I was able to make some clever joke in latin here, but I obviously don't speak latin. Oh, what? So you're gonna judge me now for not speaking Latin? Get the hell out of here with that attitude!

"Time to steal me some kisses this holiday season!"

So, if you don't have any mistletoe you know what to hang from your ceiling! Although, anyone who doesn't have mistletoe is unlikely to have a missile and a toad I guess?

"Creator of this trophy did not earn the trophy."

This is the perfect trophy to give someone who is just about holding it together but keeps on making daft mistakes. I will order my own one, don't you worry about that guys.

"FedEx in Alabama strikes again. This time in Jemison, AL 20 packages were found in the woods."

I think that this might be somehow more terrifying than the Blair Witch Project. Witches hiding in the woods is no problem as I never go there, but all my orders hiding in the woods is a nightmare!

"When I opened the trunk, I freaked out thinking someone stole the cover and the spare tire. Then I've remembered that I bought a mirror."

I will admit that this picture threw me at first. Although, I am not sure that I would have forgotten buying a mirror so quickly!

"Had a party and someone took a bite of a fake apple."

I love to think that the person who took this bite didn't want to let anyone know what had happened so calmly chewed this piece of plastic until they could swallow it.