20 Weird Things People Came Across While Minding Their Own Business

Why is it that we always end up seeing the strangest things while we're just out and about, minding our own business? I guess those are the times we don't expect to see random stuff.

These pictures prove that you should always be prepared to find strange things. Maybe keep your phone on hand, just in case you need to snap a pic.

"My soft-boiled egg froze."

For some reason, it's never dawned on me that eggs could just... freeze. I don't know, it seems like such a weird concept. If you try to reheat it, will it go from soft-boiled to hard-boiled?

"I had to read the ingredients but I’m still not going to eat it."

I'm sure the baloney is perfectly fine, but the fact that they marketed it with a picture of a child is making the "baby" part take on a whole new meaning. I'd probably pass on it, too...

"I received the same letter 8 times on the same day."

Don't you just hate it when you're minding your own business and suddenly you end up with eight different copies of the exact same letter over the span of one day? Ugh, it just sucks when that happens.

"My TN Kroger got one French version of this ice cream."

Just in case you didn't catch on yet, avoine means oat in French. What this French-language ice cream tub is doing all the way in Tennessee is beyond me, though. Pretty sure they aren't speaking French there.

"Cool fungus I found on a walk."

Sometimes, I'll see random fungi while I'm out and about. But, like, one or two on the ground or on a tree. Not an entire tree covered with the stuff. If this fungus is edible, then it's going to make some forager very happy.

"This mustard packet."

Is... is that tiny mustard packet okay? Because it doesn't really look okay. It's just too small! What are you gonna do with it, put it on half a hot dog or something? That just won't do.

"'Fake snow' soap bubbles taken by the wind."

Judging by how green those trees in the background look, it probably isn't going to actually snow over there. But hey, there's nothing wrong with pretending there's snow. At least the soap bubbles will keep you clean?

"Chicken nugget that looks like a mini whole roast chicken."

Don't you just hate it when you order chicken nuggets but end up with a whole chicken? Oh, who am I kidding, that would actually be super awesome. If only that happened for real...

"Found this dead little octopus washed up on the shore near our house."

I can confidently say that, even if I did live along the coast, I probably wouldn't ever expect to find dead things washed up near my house. I'd probably be hoping for the opposite, in fact.

"This tiny toilet."

I can confidently say that this toilet is probably the perfect size for toddlers. Or, like, ants or something. But regular-sized people are going to have a bad time, especially when the toilet is right in a corner like that.

"My girlfriend marks the hardboiled eggs like this."

Don't you hate it when you're minding your own business, trying to get a boiled egg, and you find this? I mean, sure, it's a great way to tell the raw ones apart from the cooked ones, but this is still... unexpected.

"This bit of dead tree looks like a cow skull."

This is the kind of thing that would really startle me if I found it on a walk or something. "Oh my goodness, there's a whole cow skull here! Oh wait, it's just a log piece."

"My jam is watching me."

You know what they say, don't trust the jam. Okay, I'm pretty sure no one's ever said that before, but maybe we should start. After all, this particular jar of jam looks pretty shifty to me.

"Neighbors just cut a path through their tree to accommodate sidewalk."

On one hand, you can walk through it like the protagonist in a Victorian novel who just met up with her husband for the first time in months. On the other hand, I feel like walking through it in the middle of autumn means getting a lot of leaves in your hair.

"There's these little statues in my home town. Every year when it comes cold someone puts little scarves on them."

You know, if you squint, it almost looks like there are a bunch of scarves floating in the air. I guess that's what happens when you have black statues standing in front of a black fence.

"This cheese dip is the same size as a K-cup."

Sure, they may be the exact size, but would the Keurig machine recognize the cheese dip as a K-cup? More importantly, how badly do you want to find out?

I'm thinking we should maybe let that one stay as a mystery.

"Faded fishing tire cover looks like a horror movie poster."

This looks exactly like a guy walking through dense fog, with a foggy moon shining through the clouds above him. The faded part that says "fishing" is somehow making the whole thing look even creepier.

"A bird did a number 2 on my car…"

On one hand, I can't help but appreciate the fact that the bird did a literal number 2 on that windshield. But on the other hand, that's real gross and I hope this person's next stop was to a car wash.

"Found a well-camouflaged stowaway at the grocery store."

I honestly hate it when I go to buy produce, only to find a bug on it. Like sure, bugs love to eat fruit and vegetables. But that doesn't mean they get to sink their dirty claws into something I want to buy. Go away!

"Electrolysis on an abandoned 70+ year old plumbing system."

This looks like so many things. It's like a picture that didn't load properly. Or some kind of video game glitch. Or like the pipe malfunctioned and started spouting chocolate cake. My point is, it don't look right.

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