Wrap Gifts Like A Pro With A Mesmerizing Hack From TikTok

I have a confession to make, I used to be so great at gift wrapping. I don't know what happened that now my skills have gone to the dogs. Perhaps I've lost patience over the years or something like that.

But now I have stumbled upon this genius TikTok video that will help anybody gift wrap like a pro.

So, are you good at gift-wrapping, or do you usually leave that job to somebody else?

Unsplash | Juliana Malta

I wish I could do that. However, in an effort to be a good partner, I usually end up wrapping most of our Christmas presents.

And I have to admit I, struggle with this task lately.

So if there were an easier way to do it, I would be all over it. Well, guess what? Now there is at least if you follow this latest TikTok video.

Check this out.

This video became so popular on the platform that it got a whopping 1.6-million views and 92,000 likes. Wowza! I didn't realize how many people have an issue with gift-wrapping, too, haha. So let's get to it already. Shall we?

In the video, @mama_mila_ uses an iPhone to show people a stunning way to wrap gifts.

She lines it in a square of wrapping paper and begins by folding up the bottom as usual. But here's what she does differently, folks.

Instead of folding the paper down at the sides, she tucks it in towards the box.

In turn, this makes two sets of wing-like shapes. Wow, that's definitely unique, huh? I've never seen a technique like that so I'm definitely intrigued.

Are you with me so far?

Then she folds the first set of wings over one another across the box, making a criss-cross, origami-like pattern. I know this might be confusing, so you should definitely watch the video, ha, ha!

In the end, this is what your gift will look like.

OMG! Isn't this the most amazing gift-wrapping job you've ever seen or what? I bet all your family and friends will think you had these gifts professionally wrapped. That's right!

It's no wonder this tutorial went viral.

Everybody is raving about this clever idea. And of course, if I were receiving an iPhone 13 wrapped like this, I would be pretty happy too, ha, ha! And this gift wrapping is so stunning as well.

Was this gift-wrapping video as impressive to you as it was to me?

I'm definitely bookmarking this, so I can watch it in peace when it comes to doing my own gift wrapping. I pretty much need all the help I can get. How about you?