Brilliant Wrapping Paper Turns Any Gift Stack Into A Burger

Burger fans and jokesters alike, this wrapping paper is going to blow your mind.

Etsy shop GiftCouturePaper created handmade wrapping paper fit for any burger enthusiast. Let's check it out, and try not to drool!

How amazing is this?

GiftCouturePaper specializes in wrapping that is a little out there. Their burger paper comes in a set that includes two buns, the hamburger patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The burgers look too good to open!

Each piece is 24x18 inches, which is more than enough to create your perfectly themed joke gift. Imagine giving this to your loved one on Valentine's Day — that would be hilarious.

Reviewers love the paper.

"Loved this paper!! The look on my daughter’s faces [was] priceless!" one reviewer wrote.

Seriously, this burger paper is so well-reviewed that it might just deserve a Michelin star.

You can get the whole set on Etsy.

A set of cheeseburger wrapping paper costs $20, which is a great price to absolutely troll the hell out of your friends and family. Get it right here!