Owners Have Strong Response After Parents Slam Cafe For Banning Kids Under Five

One cafe has recently come under serious fire from parents across the internet after it was revealed that the cafe was turning away parents with small children.

However, the cafe's owners have made a series of statements addressing their policy on small children in their establishment — only prompting further backlash from certain parties.

Harley's Cafe and Coffee Bar's owners have stood by their decision to ban kids aged one to four.

Despite parents in the local area becoming angry at this cafe's policy recently, the owners have apparently had this policy in place for over twenty-three years.

The cafe, found in Stoke, is owned by Tony and Beverley Flackett, who both stand by their choice.

The cafe boasts an impressive array of music, film and sport memorabilia across its walls and ceilings.

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A sign outside of the establishment which displays the menu reads across the top, "Sorry, no children under 5."

"We have had a no under-fives policy for twenty-three years simply because they run around, the mess they make, and we don't have the facilities in the toilets," Ms Flackett told Yahoo.

"We have signs outside on the board and on the door. I think we're the only place that doesn't let under-fives in and people say they like coming here as there is no screaming kids."

The owners explained that there are "plenty of other cafes" for parents with small kids, and that it also protects their "valuables."

"There are plenty of other cafes that let kids in, it's not like they haven't got anywhere to go," Ms Flackett went on to say. "We have a lot of valuable stuff in here and we don't want them to start messing around with them."

However, previous customers who have recently become parents were shocked by the revelation.

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"Loved their food, I went in a lot while I was pregnant [...] Unfortunately, no under-fives are allowed," Hayleigh Bloor explained. "I think it's so wrong, so I've not been in since as my daughter is now 21 months. I think it's more kids touching and other customers moaning about screaming babies."

Another local mother, Rachel Whalley, explained how she was turned away:

"They don't allow children which doesn't help a mother who just needs a nice coffee. I tried get in the other day but he turned me away cause I had my child with me."

However, the owners seem to be holding fast to their "no children under five" policy.

Although, there have also been a lot of people defending the cafe's right to deny small children access — with some others on social media claiming that, while they didn't mind small kids being in restaurants, some parents don't do enough to keep their kids calm while they are in the establishment.

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