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Parents Share Warnings About Having Kids No One Told Them

The topic of parenting has been discussed to exhaustion in recent decades.

They're so many parenting books and resources that they could quite literally fill multiple libraries.

If that's the case, why is it that so many of the most important aspects of having kids are left unsaid? Have a look below and read these warnings about having kids that nobody tells you as a parent.

Mental health issues aren't anything to mess around with.

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"You have to take their mental heath seriously, and make sure you instill love, confidence, self esteem[sic], kindness, acceptance, understanding and unconditional love so that they have the tools to go out into the world to make it a better place for everyone." - Reddit u/Cheap-Presentation-9

"They can cover a 4m squared area with a single chocolate button."

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Have you ever heard someone say that they know how to stretch a dime into a dollar? Well, if there's a child-equivalent of that statement — it's this right here.

Even when you think you can trust them — you can't trust them at all.

"We’re in the eye of the storm with trusting our kid now, she’s 3 and a half and I can expect her to reasonably obey me and not put things in her mouth or nose. This will not be permanent." - Reddit u/SomnambulisticTaco

"Sometimes their poop goes right up their backs." - Reddit u/beepbeepboopbeep1977

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You aren't truly a parent until you've experienced your child's first blow-out. If you don't know what I mean by that, believe me when I say that you're one of the lucky ones.

The anxiety is constant and never-ending.

"The first time your new baby sleeps through the night you will wake up in the morning scared they died of SIDS and have to go check on them immediately." - Reddit u/The_Real_Scrotus

"Your kid didn't ask to exist and you do in fact owe them everything." - Reddit u/bloodectomy

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To add to this point, your children don't owe you anything. Your love and support have to be unconditional and given freely, without any strings attached. Guilting or manipulating your child will only serve to push them further away.

Kids are little germ magnets.

"You all will be sick all the time when they get into daycare/school and it's ruins all your routines with the[sic] and makes life generally difficult. I was not prepared for how often we would get colds, etc." - Reddit u/FetusExplosion

"After today I would say lose all your favorite shirts before the get puked on." - Reddit u/neberious

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Being a parent is accepting that you will never own nice things for at least 18 years — if you're lucky. You'd better get used to the sweatsuit look because after a while, you won't own anything else.

Nothing you own will ever be dry again.

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"I have a 7 month old[sic]. I knew there would be spit up[sic], but nobody warned me about the 24/7 drooling. Everything is wet. Puddles everywhere he goes. We’re slowly drowning." - Reddit u/StylishSloth

"You'll only ever be as happy as your saddest kid." - Reddit u/neontheta

It's impossible to communicate the love that you feel for your child to someone without kids — they just simply won't get it. When your kid hurts, you as their parent hurt 10 times worse.

There will be moments when you need a break.

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"No matter how much you love them, there will be times when you're just not in the mood for them. You might think "bullshit, I will always have time for my kids. If I don't have time then I'll make time. You won't. Not always anyway." - Reddit u/Devils_Demon

"There’s a very good chance they won’t turn out like you think." - Reddit u/weirdkid71

If your sole reason for having a child is so that you can relive some past glories, or try and fulfill some vicarious pipedream from your youth — think again. The more you want them to turn out like you, the more they'll push back.

The opposite of a "honeymoon" is the first week after a couple's first child.

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"You are growing into being a parent as much as your child is growing into a developed person. You fumble through it sometimes and that’s totally OK." - Reddit u/FlameSkimmerLT

You will become what you hate.

Do you know all those old chestnuts that your parents used to say to you when you were a kid growing up? Be prepared to recite them verbatim. One of the hardest parts about having kids is coming to terms with how often your parents were right.

Kids and dogs are a lot alike.

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"Children are like puppies, they don't understand the concept of an exception. If you let them eat in your bed once, they will never stop asking to do it again, no matter how many times you say "that was a one time[sic] thing". - Reddit u/JesusSaidItFirst

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