People Can't Decide If New Hairbrush 'Hack' Is A Lifesaver Or Just Obvious

For a lot of people, keeping your hair from becoming greasy can be a daily struggle. This is often because everyone's hair is different and so trying to find one specific hair-care technique for you can be quite the challenge.

However, one TikToker's hair hack has been splitting the internet — with some people finding it a great and easy way to avoid greasy hair, but others slamming the hack.

The hack suggests that your hair may not be getting greasy due to your hair's follicles.

Unsplash | Tim Mossholder

Rather, the video, posted by TikToker @everything_tidy, suggests that your hair may be getting greasy due to your hairbrush.

The video points out that most people do not realise how dirty their hairbrushes are.

Despite the fact that everyone has a hairbrush that they use most mornings, some people don't think to clean them.

In order to clean her hairbrushes (and boy does she have a lot of hairbrushes) the TikToker fills a sink with hot water and shampoo then leaves the brushes to soak for several hours.

You can see what the result was in the video below.

A lot of people were horrified by how much gunk came out of the brushes.

In the video you can clearly see that our hairbrushes are definitely hiding a lot of gubbins that need cleaning out!

With the water having turned a very unsettling color by the end of the experiment, the TikToker ended her video by warning, "Ladies, don't forget to wash your hairbrushes. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but look at the state of that."

With a lot of people also stunned, one person replied: "Noooooooo way!! I need to do this tomorrow."

For some people, this 'hack' was simply something that they did anyway!


The idea that you should clean your hairbrushes was, understandably, obvious to some people — with one individual writing: "This confuses me that people didn’t know this. It's the same as washing your makeup brushes."

So, how often do you clean your hairbrush?

Unsplash | Element5 Digital

It seems odd that there would be some people out there who would literally never wash their hairbrushes. You're washing your hair frequently, so why wouldn't you wash your hairbrush as well?

Although, some people simply took the 'hack' as an excuse to buy a new hairbrush, as one person wrote: "I'm buying a new hairbrush and starting from scratch."

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