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Woman Creates Office Drama After Refusing To Give Vacation Days To A Coworker With Three Kids

When you work for companies, many of them have assigned vacation time and days for employees to take at their convenience. However, many employees have to request the time that they wish to take, hoping that it does not overlap with anyone else's vacation time and days.

Some employers can deny a vacation request if another employee has already requested it previously.

Sometimes, co-workers can share and trade days, too.

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Essentially, you get a bank of days for your vacation or PTO (paid time off).

Sometimes, companies will let employees share and trade days, giving them away to friends and co-workers if they need extra days for time off or even emergencies.

However, one Reddit user experienced some drama with a co-worker who wanted her to give away her vacation days to her.

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A Reddit user wrote into the popular "Am I The A**hole" Reddit thread seeking advice on a situation she had going on at work.

Apparently, she had a co-worker who was short on PTO days and wanted to have some of hers.

The company they work for does allow you to give your vacation days to someone else if they are unused.

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"My coworker (41F) has 3 kids and has worked at this company for 17 years. I (27F) am childless and have worked here 5 years."

"We get 18 paid vacation days per year and unlimited sick days if we provide proof."

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"The vacation days are added to your balance on January 1st and accumulate if you don’t use them. We can give them to someone else," they explained.

Her co-worker has taken a few days off here and there every month.

"My coworker regularly takes a day or two every month or so. This year, she used 10 of her days in January when her brother dies and another 4 when her daughter got sick. As a result, she only has 4 days for the rest of this year," she continued.

However, she has been saving her days for a long trip.

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"I have been saving my days for a long vacation and have 44 days, so about 2 months worth saved up. My coworker’s kids want her to take them on a two week vacation. The place they want to go is in our country but pretty far away so 4 days won’t be enough," she explained.

Now, her co-worker is asking for 6 of her days, saying she doesn't "need" them as much as she does.

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"She wants me to give her 6 of my days. Her justification is that I’m childless and don’t need that many days. We do get a lot of PTO. I really want to go on a trip around Europe after the pandemic. She says she needs a break more than me," she said.

But, wanting to take her trip, she said she wouldn't give her days up.

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"She’s kind of right, maybe kids do make you extra tired. It’s not her fault she had to use 14 vacation days in the first 2 months of the year."

"I told her that I can’t give her my days."

"She’s upset and says that it’s my fault her kids’ dreams are being crushed. Am I the [expletive]," she asked Reddit.

And people had some thoughts.

People on Reddit said that she's definitely not wrong for saying no.

"Are you also expected to pay her part of your paycheck too because she has other mouths to feed? Thats essentially what she is saying. Those days are a form of currency you earned. Where does this end," one person asked.

Others said she "chose" to have kids.

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"She chose to have three kids and you chose to have freedom. Don’t punish yourself for the consequences of her actions." added someone else.

They continued by saying:

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"If she can’t take unpaid days off and you have more than needed for your trip maybe offer to sell her a couple of days but most certainly don’t work for free,"

Another shared that days are "sacred."

"Holy crap. I get 15 days off. No sick days. So if I'm sick, it comes out of my vacation. Also, I'm not allowed to carry over any days year-to-year."

"And I have it better than most everyone else there."

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"I'll be damned if I'm giving away any of my time off to anyone else. Tell that nasty woman to get bent. Her family is not your problem," another shared.

In the end, it turns out the woman got her days.

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In an update, the Reddit user said the woman is "not that terrible," and that she got her 6 days because all of the co-workers each donated 1 day of their PTO days, including the OP.

Would you give away your days?

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