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Therapy Dog Overcomes Heartbreaking Start In Life To Win 2021 Hero Dog Of The Year

One therapy dog has been melting hearts across the internet after having been crowned 2021's Hero Dog Of The Year — yes, this is a real award! And yes, the world is a much better place for having this award be a real thing!

2021's winner has been touching people's hearts due especially due to the adversity he has overcome to get where he is.

Boone was presented with his award at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards' gala earlier this month.

Boone is a four-year-old hound mix from Pennsylvania.

Boone beat off some pretty stiff competition and was crowned 2021's Hero Dog Of The Year thanks to a VIP panel of dog experts and judges' decision coupled with the public votes of millions of Americans.

Boone has not had his spirit dampened despite having been abused as a puppy.

Boone's back legs had to be amputated following the abuse that he received when he was just a puppy.

Tanya Diable was initially Boone's foster mother after his surgery — however, after falling in love with the pooch over the first two days that he lived with her, she permanently adopted him.

When Boone was first given a wheelchair by his family, it was apparently the first time he wagged his tail.

After his family were able to have him fitted with a wheelchair, Boone was much happier than he had been previously.

Boone's loving nature and enthusiasm meant that he was able to be granted with an official certificate which made him a licensed therapy dog!

Meeting kids and lifting their spirits is one of Boone's favorite things to do!

However, that is not all that Boone spends his busy days doing. Boone is also an ambassador for Joey's P. A. W. (Prosthetics and Wheels).

This charity has already been able to provide over seven hundred dogs with much-needed mobility devices. In turn, the charity has made life much better for rescue and shelter dogs across the US who have been struggling with mobility issues.

Boone's owners were shocked when Boone was announced as Hero Dog Of The Year.

"They opened an envelope, like the Oscars, It was a total shock when Boone’s name was called," Ms Diable told The Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

Boone's owners hope that the exposure granted by this wonderful award will help the charity that Boone is an ambassador for generate more donations so that they can help more dogs across the US. If you want to donate to the charity, then you can do so through Boone's Instagram page below!

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