10 People Who Think They're A Genius Vs 10 People Who Actually Are

It is often said that there is a fine line between insanity and genius, and that is because it is largely true! It can sometimes be incredibly difficult to discern something which is a genuinely inspired idea from something which is just...well, not a good idea!

Below, we will be pitting the questionably genius against the downright chaotic, so please enjoy these 10 people who think they're a genius vs 10 people who actually are!

Genius: "It ain't stupid if it works!"

When you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you do anything that you can to make it as toasty as possible! Did they just happen to have these bits lying around as well?

Not Genius: "No one will steal it now!"

All that they have done here is make it so that the person who steals their bike will be able to keep their pants dry as they pedal away into the sunset!

Genius: "It makes perfect sense."

How has no one thought of doing this before? It would be great for all sorts of finicky painting jobs as well. Although, someone did point out that it would make you look a bit like the sun from Teletubbies.

Not Genius: "Nothing that can go wrong there Jim, don't worry!"

The longer you spend looking at this, the more ridiculous it will get! There is seemingly no end to this man's insanity. Also, why did he have access to quite so many ladders?!

Genius: "I got tired of losing nerf wars with the local kids…"

Well, this person will not be losing any Nerf wars any time soon! Although, I can imagine that the local kids' parents would not be too pleased when their kids turn up with Nerf bullets jammed through their eyes.

Not Genius: "Yeah, that's probably not gonna work."

At least they have managed to make this half-assed job look pretty neat... Well, as neat as can be expected. I am sure that they had good intentions though when they thought of this!

Genius: "Saw this on the way home from work today. Not sure if it's adult humour or genius branding."

I think that this might just be both. I also particularly like the little "Licensed to chill" line that they added on there!

Not Genius: "But, that's not really helping to 'fix' the problem, is it?"

Anyone who still gets in this lift with a warning like this on it is absolutely insane. Although, I would be kind of tempted to see if jumping did actually get the damn thing going!

Genius: "Behold, my homemade pontoon boat!"

I would absolutely make one of these if I had the parts around the place, it's a genius little build! I also that the fact that they names this boat "Ittle Do" is absolutely incredible.

Not Genius: "The temporary fix made permanent!"

The person who lives next to this and uploaded this image went on to explain, "Yes that's a ratchet strap, yes those ARE power lines, yes it's been like this for 3 months."

Genius: "Easy coffee maker made from a jar..."

Okay, I will admit that this one is a little bit basic. Although, it is damn effective if nothing else! Sure, I wouldn't want to be presented with one of these at a coffee shop, but I'd take it if there was nothing else!

Not Genius: "Who needs 'em, eh?"

Just because you have written on the back of your trailer that your trailer does not have lights doesn't mean that you are in the clear! Could they not even have stuck a flashlight on there at the very least?!

Genius: "My father built his own observatory!"

Of all of the things that I thought of building in my garden, an observatory was not one of them, not by a long shot! And yet, this looks as though he did a bang-up job!

Not Genius: "Found in a group called 'stairs designed by people who aren’t afraid to die,' but I still quite like how simple and cheap a solution it is."

At least it has a handrail. However, in terms of aesthetic and safety I cannot say I'd be keen to have this in my place of work.

Genius: "Feast your eyes… My Brother's gaming chair."

Okay, I know that this will probably split some people, but I think that this is a pretty sound idea. Also, another person added:

"Best gaming chair I ever had was a piece of patio furniture with that weird spun plastic style cushion? It was supportive, breathable, durable, and cheap. I have a nice rolly chair now with the lumbar support and everything, and it's not nearly as good."

Not Genius: "Arguably the worst way that you can attempt to fix a pothole?"

If you're struggling to work out what that pothole has been filled in with, then I can tell you that it is discarded oyster half-shells. You're welcome!

Genius: "No power, and you need to charge a phone? No problem!"

Look, it'll work for sure, but I cannot advise trying this at home due to the fact that it will probably generate a lot of heat. Still, pretty smart thinking in theory!

Not Genius: "A very interesting fix..."

Those screen protectors are pretty effective, but I don't think that this is exactly what they were designed for. Also, they're not cheap and you would need a hell of a lot to cover the entire windshield!

Genius: "I couldn't find any washers that would fit over the heads of screws... So...yep."

This just smacks of something that my grandad would have done. Other people were quick to share what they use instead of washers, with on person writing, "I use pennies. Cheaper than washers."

Not Genius: "I admire his commitment, but still..."

I am willing to concede that if he actually had gotten served then this would have been a genius idea. Although, to carry a car door all the way there only to not get served is a bit of a bummer.

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