20 Little Stinkers Who Demonstrated The Difference Between A Genius And A Donut

Not every idea is a good idea, I think that most people on the planet understand this. However, the people on this lists must have missed the memo!

From people who made the most terrifyingly delicious mess to individuals who nearly drank acetone (don't do this!), here are 20 little stinkers who demonstrated the difference between a genius and a donut.

"Regulators fear the homemade spa repairman..."

So, if you have six spare kettles lying around and no fear of giving yourself an electric shock (or burn) then this might be the home spa for you! Just look at all of those wires, what could possibly go wrong?

The Perfect Gift For...Well, Presumably Someone, Right?

Look, I am sure that there are some people who would absolutely love this gift. I just know for a fact that I never want to meet any of those people at any point in my life.

"Pickle eyeshadow pallet..."

I wonder if these eye-shadows are also imbued with the scent of pickles as well!? If they don't make your eyes smell of pickle then this is a wasted opportunity and I'll be saving my money thank you!

"Wasted a day looking for my Apple Pencil..."

Well, I would have torn my entire house apart looking for that before I found it. I bet that they thought this was an ingenious place to keep it...until they forgot about it that is.

"At a house, instead of fixing broken exhaust fan, they covered it with tin foil."

This is the most student thing that I have seen for a long time, probably since I was a student. This is the peak of "If I cannot see the problem then it does not exist!"

"This strange sunflower seeds tattoo..."

I hope that this tattoo has some sort of deep meaning to the person who got it. Otherwise they are just going to be inundated with disappointed birds whenever they open their palm in public.

"Need a bumper? Use a log!"

What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, and fits on your back? It's log, log, log!

Does anyone still get that reference, or am I officially old?

"Shock and awe..."

I don't even know if this would work, in the technical sense that is. If you managed to tow a trailed with this, wouldn't it just damage your bumper every time that you turned?

"Told my mate he should write a 'w' on the box..."

Look, their friend did exactly what he was told to do. He just might have missed the point a little bit. Oh to be this wonderfully naive, that would be such a blessing and a curse.

"I'm on the fence. This looks good and bad. What are your guys' thoughts?"

I am firmly on team "bad." Although, I will say that it is pretty well executed, there is no doubting that. It's just that...well, look at it!

That Is Some Pretty Solid Advice They're Dishing Out!

One person jokingly (hopefully) added, "My favorite part is the giant hand hole with the arrow telling me to put my hand into it." I really don't think that is what that arrow means.

"Someone lit a firework under my windshield wiper."

Okay, this is just straight-up asshattery. What even is the point of this? If you're going to use fireworks then then there are much more effective ways to use them as well.

"I had to follow this guy after he did a collection from the warehouse."

Something tells me that this guy might just be over the weight limit for that truck. I am impressed that he even managed to get out of the warehouse like this!

"A Rubik's Cube that doubles as a treasure chest. It only opens when solved."

"Hi, Boss. Look, I am not going to be able to make it into the office today. I think I might have to work from home instead."

"For the last time, Dave, stop putting your damn car keys into the Rubik's Cube treasure chest!"

"Someone painted the cement barriers into a giant Toblerone!"

"Hey Steve, how're you doing? Your looking a little down."

*Muffled groaning...

"Oh for God's sake, Steve. You didn't try to eat the giant cement Toblerones in the car park again did you?"

*Sad, agreeing groan...

"Mid-shelf acetone..."

The fact that they labelled it is a great idea. However, did they not think that it might be wise to put their new label on over the original label? Or, at the very least, remove the gin label?!

"Ranch dressing soda..."

This just goes to show that not every out-of-the-box idea is necessarily a good idea. I kind of want to know what this tastes like, but at the same time I would murder anyone who tried to give me this!

"400 kg of liquid chocolate leaked onto the street after the tank containing it fell of a trailer. Sweet mother of god."

This is either the best thing to happen to this neighborhood or the worst thing to happen, I really cannot make up my mind.

"Dead battery? No worries..."

I can imagine that most of the conversations that take place on this app are people saying, "Is anyone nearby and do you have a charger that I can borrow?" I mean, what else would you say?

"Shed held up by a forklift while insulating the floor. Nothin' to see here folks!"

One very irate individual wrote: "Like, who doesn't have some wood laying around? Or cinder blocks. Or old car wheels. Like, ANYTHING. Just do f*****g something..."

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