'Catfishes' Share Their Makeup-Free Pics For A Viral Beauty Challenge

If you haven't been living under a rock, you must've heard of the #CatfishChallenge. It's basically when people reveal how they really look vs. all made up. And it's always a fun challenge to take part in, ha, ha!

So I recently stumbled upon more funny pictures, and I'm going to share them with you. Let me know which one surprised you the most.

1. This Goth Look

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! This is quite the look here. This lady went from looking pretty drab to being ready to film a goth movie. Am I right? What do you think of this makeover, huh?

2. This Glam Look

Wowza! This is definitely a wild transformation here, no,? I honestly wouldn't even recognize this lady if I saw her walking on the street. Do you feel me here? Ladies and gentlemen, the power of makeup at its best, no doubt.

3. This Red-Hot Beauty

Whoa! This red hot beauty here would definitely turn some heads if she were walking down the street, huh? But the before picture leaves something to be desired. I love the way she did her makeup here.

4. This Nice Makeover

Do you also feel like a different person when you wear makeup? That's kind of my way of looking at it, too. It's especially true because I don't wear any makeup daily and only when I go out on the town.

5. This Funny Makeover

Isn't it cool to see people make fun of themselves? That's how I feel about this whole catfish challenge. The ability to be able to laugh at your flaws is something that's not easy to do for everyone.

6. This Grown-Up Look

"I’m sorry to break it to you all like this but... my eyelids aren’t naturally pink and sparkly and I am in fact a mere human didn’t mean to catfish y’all." Ha, ha, isn't that right?

7. This Flattering Vs. Unflattering Look

Here's the thing about the catfish beauty challenge: I feel that the before pictures always show the most unflattering angles, whereas the after ones are the perfect ones. Do you get what I'm trying to say here at all?

8. This CEO Of Knowing Her Angles

This lady here calls herself the CEO of knowing her good angles, ha, ha! I guess there's really something to it, huh? I mean, look at this here. She looks so glamorous in the first one, no?

9. This Sunny Look

I don't know about you, but I feel like whenever I take a picture in the sun, it makes me look a lot prettier. There is something about that glow that nothing can quite replace. This is a good example of it.

10. This Pretty Look

It's no wonder it takes us ladies forever to get ready. After all, there is a lot to get through, no? But all that hard work will eventually pay off when you see yourself in the mirror.

11. This Polished Look

I am the first to admit I suck at applying makeup. That's why I hardly ever wear any. This lady here definitely has those coveted skills. How she managed to cover up her skin is something I will never know.

12. This Made-Up Look

This lady sure went through a lot to get her to look fixed up, ha, ha! In the end, she's definitely ready to go to town and party it up, no? I can hardly recognize her without being made up.

13. This Dramatic Look

Holy moly, here's another insane look for you all. What do you think of that one? I wish I could do my makeup as dramatic as this talented lady here. I must say, I absolutely love it.

14. This Fooled Ya Look

It's no wonder guys feel a little fooled by girls when you see a dramatic change like this. But can you blame us? Everybody wants to show themselves to the world from the best angle possible.

15. This Switch-Up

Oh, my. What have we got here? Talking about quite the switch-up, huh? This guy's makeup is even more on point than when I do mine. Maybe I can get some tips from him while I'm at it.

16. This Hilarious One

Oh my, this is such a funny one. I honestly wouldn't realize that this was even the same woman here. How did that happen? LOL! I can't get over this crazy makeup transformation here. How about you?

17. This Priceless Expression

There are two sides to every lady. The side where you let yourself be who you are and the side that you allow the world to see, ha, ha! This one here is making me laugh so hard.

18. This Double-Take

I have a really hard time believing that these two photos are of the same woman. But, if you look closely enough at her facial features it does become more apparent that they are the same. Wow! That's the power of makeup for you.

19. This Hilarious Reaction

We've all done that thing when we're bored at home where we get dressed up and take selfies, right? C'mon, admit it! Even though every woman does this, I can't help but laugh at this makeup-free reaction here, ha, ha!

20. You Didn't Think Those Filters Were Real, Did You?

Who doesn't love playing with all those fun filters on Instagram and Snapchat? But, let's be real: no one in real life actually has little hearts on their face or flawless skin for that matter. Think twice before believing everything you see on social media.

21. This Reality Check

Most women know that when we want to, we can dress up to the nines and rival any supermodel out there. However, the photo on the right is usually a more realistic representation. Also, love I love that bonnet! Taking care of your hair is important!

22. This Supermodel In Disguise

Everything about the photo on the left screams "professional model" to me. The hair, the makeup, the pose — if you told me this woman was an up-and-coming fashionista, I would believe you. In real life, though, it looks like she is more low-key with her looks. Both photos are beautiful!

23. This Interesting Makeover

I don't know if you can believe it, but this lady's TikTok catfish video totally blew up. She got 162K likes on it. Wow! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty impressed by that. Oh, yeah!

Here's what I think about the catfish beauty challenge.

Ladies, no matter how you look without makeup, it's how you feel about yourself that matters the most. So embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly, and you will be that much better for it indeed.