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15 Pics That Put The Power Of Makeup On Full Display

What this article is: a celebration of makeup, its artistry, and how cool a medium it is to work with.

What it is not: a competition or comparison of bare faces vs faces with makeup on.

We're here to talk about how cool makeup can be and how people use it, not to tear down anyone! Let's celebrate the power of makeup and the skills the people who use it have.

Brow game so strong.

Not only did she create some KILLER brows, but that eye look? It's to die for. I love that she used a yellow-green color to bring out the color of her eyes!

This contouring is masterful.

You can see from the before picture that her cheekbones are to DIE for. Foundation tends to flatten out the curvature of your face, so the contouring is so necessary to really make her cheeks pop.

This foundation is stunning.

Here's how she did it: "The primer definitely makes a difference. I always make sure to put on primer five minutes after putting on my moisturizer so my base is smoother."

I LOVE this lip color.

I'm a sucker for a pink-mauve color, so I am all about this lip look. It pairs so nicely with the eyeshadow without looking all matchy-matchy, too.

You gotta love a full lash.

Honestly, our lashes should be way fuller naturally. Everyone looks good with big lashes — yes, even that random exception you're thinking of. Even Weird Al, yes. I know I'm right.

Lash perming is a thing and I want to do it.

"I have blonde short lashes that were invisible unless I curled and coated them twice with mascara. Now they're literally twice as long, with the perm & dye it looks sooo much better than mascara ever did."

Come through, mom!

This look was done by this mom's daughter, how cute is that? She used a peach corrector to minimize the dark spots around her eyes. Note to self: get peach corrector.

Okay, brows!

Her brows needed NO work here, and I admire that about her. I am also a little jealous. ANYWAY. I love that they didn't do too much with the eyes or lips — it's all neutral!

This eyeshadow look is stunning.

It looks like a sunset on her eyes! To get that flawless blending, she said:

"When I transition to different shades I use a clean fluffy blending brush and do small windshield wiper motions back and fourth!"

I love this peachy look.

Adding in some color really makes a difference, especially in her cheeks! The contouring here is gorgeous, but all I'm seeing is that beautiful blush work.

Glitter is the key to happiness.

Oh my god, that glitter is EVERYTHING. It's a NYX holo glitter, which I can attest is a great glitter. We can't sleep on her lips, either — or maybe we can, because those things are so pillowy and gorgeous.

LOVE a bold lip.

There's nothing better than a bold lip, guys. I love that she kept the eye makeup light in order to let the lips speak for themselves — literally and figuratively, of course.

Adding some glow made all the difference!

Never underestimate how important light is to a makeup look! Highlighting the right areas will really make your face sparkle and glow. This look is so stunning!

Talk about flawless.

Um, oh my god? Her skin is so flawless and so beautiful that I actually need a minute to process it. Models WISH they had what she has.

This look is a fairytale fantasy!

This full glam look is the perfect wedding look, in my opinion. The eyes are somehow soft and smokey, and the lips are the perfect neutral shade!

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