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Grieving Mother Left In Tears Over A Note Given To Her By A Stranger

Traveling with kids can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to flying.

Many children struggle with flying and being on an airplane for an extended period of time. There is a huge stigma around parents who bring young children and even toddlers on planes, as many people moan and groan if they see kids coming onto their flight.

It's true that a screaming child can be a lot to handle.

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The truth is that yes, sometimes, screaming children can be a lot.

When you're already anxious on a flight because you don't like flying, or you're traveling somewhere alone, having a child who is screaming and crying next to you can be a lot.

But, many times, we don't know the full story.

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Screaming and crying children can be stressful and also a headache, but we don't always know the full story as to why they are crying and what is really going on.

There are full stories that we may not know.

Some children are crying out of fear.

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Many children who scream and cry on airplanes are crying because they are truly scared to be flying.

For those who do have plane anxiety—think about how it must feel for a child who is helpless and may not even know what to do.

However, one mom's story proves that there are even deeper issues we may never even realize.

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TikTok user @adreamforaninsomnia shared a video of her own story from traveling with her young daughter on a plane where she had a bit of trouble quieting her down.

She expected many people to look at her with disgust and complain about the child.

There was a different reason behind this, though.

The mom shared that it was their "first flight since the loss of their 2-year-old daughter." And, their oldest daughter is very "outward" with her grief.

They were worried that people were going to be unkind and cruel to her, but one person changed that.

A passenger on the plane gave the mom a message.

A man name Richard passed over a note to the mom filled with kind and caring words. Richard shared that he has 4 kids and he "can tell" that the TikTok user and her husband were great parents.

The note restored her faith back into the world.

Clearly, @adreamforaninsomnia shared the video to showcase that when all else fails, there are some good people still out there in the world and who are going to be kind and patient with you, despite how hard things may seem.

One flight attendant commented on the video with some advice.

A flight attendant commented on the video telling the mom "NEVER feel like you need to say sorry for tantrums or crying."

She said it's natural for kids, because their feelings are big, and they should feel how they feel.

Another said that their mom always said to be patient.

One person commented that their mom always said that if you hear a baby crying in public, just remember that the parent is having a harder time with it than you are.

Wow, could not be more true!

Others said this mom's story taught them a valuable lesson.

One person said that this mom's TikTok and story taught them to give people grace and also be understanding.

Sometimes, they'll text friends and talk about annoying children, but they realized now, there can be way more than meets the eye.

And, one commenter shared a touching tribute.

A commenter on TikTok said her father, who was also named Richard, shared that before he died, he was going to heaven to take care of the kids.

She said that she hopes that he is watching over this mom's 2-year-old that has passed.

How sweet.