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15 Times Kids Caught Their Parents Off Guard

Kids say some crazy things when you stop and listen to them. Being a teacher to young kids, you hear a few things every so often.

That's why NYC school teacher Alyssa Cowit decided to document all of the quirky quotes her kids say and find a place to share them with the world. Cowit teamed up with Greg Dunbar, a digital marketing manager with Walt Disney Studios, to create "Live from Snack Time."

The idea from "Live from Snack Time" came from Cowit's job as an educator.

Cowit "was so fascinated by the questions and comments from her Kindergarteners that she started an Instagram account to chronicle them."

Teaching Kindergarten is not an easy gig and sometimes, the kids can be more than we bargained for.

The idea came as almost a call to action for Cowit.

Alyssa "believes children are honest and curious, and while often perplexed, they’re brilliant – and that it’s a teacher’s job to take what children say seriously," their website reads.

In fact, teachers tend to be the ones who inspire and help kids develop confidence.

However, "Live from Snack Time" is more than just jokes.

Alyssa also "wants to help adults understand that children are not always acting outrageous to seek attention, but instead thinking out loud, soaking up new information, and solving problems 24/7!"

While Cowit has some great quotes on her own, the pandemic changed a lot.

Cowit started to hear more stories about kids and families who were doing remote learning and spending more time together than pre-pandemic.

The pandemic also caused their following to grow much more than it had before, as parents were looking for some humor.

The Instagram page and other social platforms are submission-based.

From parents who share quotes to other educators and teachers, the "Live from Snack Time" company accepts rolling submissions from people who want to submit funny and hilarious quotes from kids. I mean, the more the merrier, right?

The pandemic also caused tons of new submissions, too.

“We've seen tremendous growth of both our community and the [number] of quotes they are submitting. In a time of so much uncertainty and sadness and fear, I think people looked to us for light humor and relatable content,” Cowit and Dunbar explained.

Many of the quotes are both hilarious and smart.

They are careful about which quotes they pick, choosing ones that are amazing as standalone ones and also showcase that kids can be both witty, sarcastic, and hilarious at the same time. Many of the quotes come from pretty young kids, too.

And, tons of people submit.

Cowit and Dunbar have “submissions from 6 continents (c'mon Antarctica!), we have living proof that kids are talking about the same topics and have similar questions around the world, especially when it comes to the pandemic.”

It's easy to submit a quote online.

On their website, anyone can fill out the submission form and share the funny, quirky quotes that their kids, nieces, nephews, or even students have said to them. And, there are ways to make it super easy, too.

You can submit anonymously or even tag a name.

"Live from Snack Time" accepts submissions with a child's name or even anonymously if you prefer. And, they also give credit where credit is due. They will tag your social media if you'd like, too!

While the quotes are bringing them over 600k followers, there duo are expanding their business, too.

"Live from Snack Time" is based on the submissions from kids and families, but they're also looking to gain recognition in other ways, too. As Cowit is an educator, they have a section on their website where they do book recs for families and kids.

They also look to celebrate diversity in their selection.

"We feel that children's books are one of the most effective and practical tools for initiating critical conversations about race and racism, so with the help of our incredible community of followers, we developed a library of books organized by reading level and linked to purchase them from Black-owned bookstores," they write on their site.

As Cowit is a teacher, it only makes sense.

While their account is tons of humor and laughs, it all stemmed from Cowit's job as a teacher and educator. So, spreading knowledge and also helping parents educate their kids is not far off from the true mission of the company.

They also have their own shop.

Cowit and Dunbar also launched their own shop on their site with merch and apparel to represent "Live from Snack Time." The shop has some shirts, sweaters, hats, and even masks. There are tons of ways to show support.

Clearly, these two are killing it.

Cowit and Dunbar are really killing it, as the two have gained hundreds of thousands of followers across social media and have hundreds of posts and submissions.

We love kids and we love when they're funny. Way to go, team!