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Women Give Free Vodka Shots To Passengers So They Don't Have To Carry Bottles

When traveling, many people pick things up before or after their trip.

Going through airports is a benefit for many because some people like to pick things up at "duty free" shops, where they don't have to pay tax on some items—like alcohol and cigarettes. But, many forget that traveling with large bottles of liquid doesn't always work in their favor.

In the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration only allows you to travel with certain sized bottles.

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For alcoholic beverages, in a carry-on, you can only bring bottles less than or equal to 3.4oz/100 ml.

However, in a checked bag, you can bring whatever you'd like (hoping it doesn't break). However, not everyone checks a bag on their flight.

When you try to go through TSA security, they will stop you.

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When you go through TSA security with a bottle that is too big, they will stop you and ask you to either empty it out or throw it out.

When it's alcohol, this can be a sticky situation for many, as it costs money to buy.

Recently, one video on TikTok went viral after some girls had to deal with just this.

Shared on TikTok originally by latinnbella, she and her friends were traveling to Miami, Florida, and brought some bottles of alcohol on the plane with them for their trip.

But, TSA stopped them telling them the bottles were way too big to bring on their flight.

Instead of throwing them out, or checking their bags, the girls decided otherwise.

Both girls began to take shots from the bottles they had and also began to offer free shots to others who were waiting in line.

In the video, one girl is seen chugging from a Ciroc bottle, while the other girl passes around a Malibu bottle.

It kind of is making the best of a bad situation.

While the girls won't have the bottles to bring with them to Miami, they truly did get the party started for themselves on the way to their vacation.

What else were they going to do—throw the bottles out entirely?

Many people online had mixed reactions to the video.

Some people thought it was great that the girls were even allowed to do this in an airport at all, and some said they were upset and disappointed that they, themselves, weren't there to take part in the activities.

Another said this flight was about to be "lit."

Others commented saying that the flight was about to be a party and that they probably all had a great time flying to Miami.

Imagine everyone on the flight had a slight buzz on and they could play some music, too?

Many commenters wanted to know if it's allowed to now drink in the airport.

Many commenters were shocked TSA was on board for this and also had questions—can everyone bring alcohol to the airport now and just party?

Without having to pay high prices at airport bars and restaurants? Because if so, count me in with a pack of White Claws.

Some people, however, were not on board.

Many noticed that there were people wearing masks in the video, meaning that this was taking place during the pandemic.

Sharing a bottle between complete strangers was just not responsible in many TikTok users' eyes. Many said it was "wrong."

Others agreed that this is how Covid spreads.

Many others commented saying this is exactly how people get sick and spread Covid-19 from person to person.

Although in the video no one was really touching the bottle with their lips, it can be spread through air particles and that can be a bit tricky for strangers.

Overall, the jury was mixed.

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Some people said that this woman was a "true hero," making sure that everyone on their flight had a great time together.

However, many commenters couldn't get over the fact that Covid-19 and other illnesses spread far too easily this way.