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Outraged 'Karen' Has Meltdown At Airport And Demands To Speak To The Manager

I feel badly for all the women named Karen out there, because 'Karen' has come to represent a very specific type of bossy, entitled person.

This was on full display recently at the Indianapolis International Airport when an angry woman went on a rampage and literally demanded to speak to the manager.

The manager. Of the airport.

And yes, you'd better believe the whole meltdown was captured on video.

She's angry right from the get-go.

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This saga starts the same way most airport stories start: with a dispute with someone in uniform.

The woman, who we'll just go ahead and call Karen, starts yelling at a security guard, saying, "He threw me to the ground!"

"I want the manager of the [expletive] airport here!"

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Ma'am, this isn't a Wendy's. Airports are a little too big and complex to have a single, readily-available manager on hand at all times.

Still, Karen insists. She appeals to her fellow travellers, yelling, "Who saw him choke me to the ground? Who saw me?!"

The other travelers clap back.

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One voice is heard replying, "I saw you run through the door when you weren't supposed to."

Karen fights back, saying, "He chokeholded me to the ground! I'm a woman in a dress!"

"Boo hoo," replied another voice.

Karen didn't take the audacity well. "Boo hoo?" she asked. "You [expletive] off!"

Then she asked for the manager again.

Do airport managers exist?

I mean, there's a supervisor for everything. But I'm not sure that Karen really grasps how airports work.

No, the airport manager didn't show up.

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Unlike your typical Arby's, the airport isn't likely to give you a free order of fries if you complain. In fact, if you break the airport rules, you'll be lucky not to be arrested.

All's well that ends well.

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Karen caused a bit of a spectacle, but it provided some high-quality entertainment for travelers who were enduring the otherwise mundane experience of waiting at the airport.

Airport security is serious business.

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It's too bad that Karen got tackled (whatever precipitated this meltdown was not captured on video), but honestly, that's how it goes at airports when you go where you're not allowed.

Several commenters pointed this out.

I'm considering a career in airport management.

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It sounds like an important job that pays well, and judging from this encounter, you're not even required to show up when someone demands they see you.

It's one of the most legendary Karen sightings we've seen.

Make sure to check out the full TikTok below, and then circle back to share your greatest Karen stories in the comments.

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