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Mom Claps Back At Trolls Who Say She's Too Much Of A Strict Parent

Every parent likes to raise their kids in their own way. Some rules that fly for parenting people just don't fly for others.

Many people like to make rules for their own kids and don't really care if other people agree or disagree with it. But, with many parents now using social media and TikTok, some people clap back saying they "think it's insane."

Recently, mom Tara shared some of her parenting rules on TikTok.

Among some of the rules, one of them was that she "doesn't allow sleepovers." Another rule that she has is that she "doesn't limit screentime" if all of her kid's chores are done.

She also said if her kids "don't eat what she cooks, they don't eat."

Many people online had a lot to say about her rules.

Because, you know, it's the internet, so people have an opinion on EVERYTHING, even if they aren't a parent.

Some people thought that not limiting screen time was "toxic" for her kids, who can become addicted or attached to their tablets.

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Others said that not feeding your kids is "bad parenting." But, many of them were outraged over the sleepover rule.

Tara said she received "so much hate" on TikTok about her sleepover rule.

Tara said a lot of people commented on her original post saying that she "doesn't trust her kids" and she's also depriving them of having "fun" and having a good childhood.

Many said some of their "best experiences" were at sleepovers with friends.

So, she screenshotted one comment that she felt "summed up her points."

Tara assured social media users that she "does" trust her kids and it has nothing to do with not wanting them to have any fun at all.

It's more that you "never know what can happen today" and you never know what can go wrong.

She reminded people that "times are much different today."

Tara said that even if you trust people 100%, and the families, you can never be 100% sure that things "won't go wrong."

And, even if you trust the child and their parents, they could have older siblings or others who live in the home that you don't know well enough.

She also doesn't allow other kids to sleep at her home, either.

Not only does she not allow her kids to sleep out, but she also doesn't allow other kids to sleepover at her house, as well.

She said you never know when someone can "lie" and totally destroy and ruin your life and reputation.

Even though she trusts her son and husband, it only takes one person to potentially ruin someone else's life.

She said:

"I have a son and I have a husband, it takes two seconds for somebody to say something that will ruin your life. Period,"

Others agreed that it can happen to anyone.

While she received a lot of hate, she also got a lot of support.

Many people also said they don't let their kids sleep out at anyone's house, because they have heard too many stories of sexual assault.

Because she's heard about it in the news happening to other people, it shed some darkness over the idea.

Which, is completely understandable. No one would want to put their child in any kind of danger that way, so personally, I totally see where this mom is coming from.

Others say that their kids are totally normal with rules and bondaries.

Another woman added that her son is homeschooled and he also barely goes to anyone else's house, and he is a happy and wonderful human being.

She says he "doesn't need the outside influence" and is "completely himself."

Others say they agree, slightly.

Another mom said that she, too, doesn't have her kids sleep elsewhere.

But, if they ask a friend to sleep by them, she does say yes. That's their own personal choice, as everyone is entitled to raise their kids how they see fit.

Some said that while they got to go to sleepovers, they can see how times have changed.

Another TikTok user added that she "learned a lot of bad things at sleepovers," but she also had some of the best times there.

Memories were made, but things have most definitely changed in society.

Especially with new pressures that come with each generation and even social media.

All I can say is: everyone parents differently!