Twitter Roasts Man Who Got Mad At GF For Marrying A Woman In A Video Game

Even the most loving couples will fight sometimes, but it can sometimes be a little hard to explain what the fight was actually about after it happens.

It's common for couples to argue about money or who's doing their fair share of work around the house, but some sticking points may just sound flat-out ridiculous to an outside observer.

But even when that's the case (and perhaps especially when that's the case), how one person presents their side of that argument can sometimes end up revealing a lot more about them than they intended.

And as far as Twitter was concerned, that was definitely the case with one problem that would never even have occurred to some couples.

On November 14, a writer named Tauriq Moosa tweeted out a Reddit thread that has apparently since been deleted.

In this post, a man in his 20s explained that his girlfriend has been playing Skyrim for the first time.

During the course of of her playthrough, she ended up getting her character married to a popular vampire character named Serana.

As the man wrote, "For context, I'm a dude and she's a (supposedly) straight woman."

But as the man expressed, this fictional marriage to a fictional character apparently had him both feeling uneasy and questioning his girlfriend's sexuality.

What apparently convinced him this was something to worry about is the fact that it isn't normally possible to marry Serana in the game, which meant the woman installed a mod to do so.

However, when he asked her about it she told him that she married Serana because she found her to be the most interesting character in the game. She also said that what she does in a video game doesn't have any bearing on her real-life sexuality.

Apparently, this answer didn't reassure him because he had never felt inclined to have his character marry a man in a video game.

In his words, "I asked her if she could try and find a divorce mod and marry someone else and she laughed at me."

He then felt that this was a lack of consideration for his feelings and asked if he was in the wrong in this situation.

Unfortunately, we don't know what the consensus on Reddit was, but Twitter figured there was a pretty good reason why she was so dismissive.

As far as they saw it, it was hard to have much consideration for the man's feelings when he was basing them on a ridiculous premise.

As one user who also had his character marry Serana pointed out, it's not like there's any rule that who you are or what you do in a video game has to have a direct analogue to your actual personality.

If that were true, everyone who was good at Call Of Duty would be special forces operatives and everyone who played Grand Theft Auto would be in jail.

So instead, many felt that the man's post said more about his own insecurities than his girlfriend's sexuality.

And as this person iterates, it's entirely possible to be comfortable with one's own real-life masculinity while playing a female character in a video game.

So by the same token, it's possible to be comfortable in one's own heterosexuality while their character pursues someone of the same sex.

With that in mind, others found it unlikely that the man would be satisfied even if she did as he asked and had her character marry a man.

After all, who's to say that he wouldn't also feel threatened by how attractive that male character is?

And since he already suspected his girlfriend was hiding something from him, one might expect those suspicions to flare up all over again.

Just let her enjoy her game in peace, guy.

h/t: Twitter | @tauriqmoos