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People Slam Boyfriend Who Brought Video Games To His GF's Induction

Having a baby is a long, strenuous, and scary process for many couples.

While the mom is the one pushing and in pain, the dad is also there to support and stay by the mom's side during labor and delivery. However, having a baby is not always a quick process. In fact, sometimes, women are in labor for hours or even days.

Labor is not one-size fits all.

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Some people go into labor and they give birth rather quickly. Then, there are others whose water breaks and they are in labor for hours, sometimes even days.

The process is natural and can't be forced or pushed along—most of the time.

While a woman is in labor for hours, men are there to be supportive.

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Most dads are there, by her side, or even in the hospital waiting for their baby to be born, too. But, dads aren't doing all the "hard work" like mom.

If their lady is in labor for quite some time, it can get pretty boring till the action happens.

One TikTok user shared that she was in labor for "21 hours."

A TikTok user recently shared a video online that sparked some debate because her boyfriend ended up bringing his "entire gaming system to the hospital" during the time she was giving birth.

She said her induction was 21 hours long, and I'm sure he was bored.

Amber, the TikTok user, seemed to think it was a good idea.

As the new mom was in labor for hours (almost an entire day), she didn't see anything wrong with her boyfriend bringing something to occupy his time until the birth actually happened.

She even posted it to TikTok to showcase how funny it was.

Many people online said it was a bad, bad look on his part.

One person commented, "Imagine being pregnant for 9 months and your boyfriend isn't even able to be patient for 21 hours."

Many thought it was rude and totally disrespectful for him to play video games while she's having his baby.

Another said it was a huge red flag.

Labor and delivery is very intimate and important process.

One person said that "this is the most important time for the two of you, soon to be three," and that he is not involved more is a huge "red flag."

Many TikTok users said this boyfriend is a "child."

Commenters kept saying that he "isn't able to help raise a kid" because he is still a kid himself.

Anyone who needs to bring video games with them, in these user's eyes, is a huge child who shouldn't be having one.

One labor nurse even commented on the post.

A labor nurse commented on the post saying that "there's nothing that she hates more than when dads do this," saying it's super unsupportive and cruel.

However, the TikTok user clapped back saying her boyfriend was "very supportive when she needed him."

Others, however, thought it was rather smart.

Another mom said that there's "no shame about it." Her induction took about three days and she "told" her boyfriend to bring it because he was going to be bored.

And, when she needed him he "stopped immediately."

Others agreed with the post.

Other people agreed that it's boring for dads who are standing around all day doing nothing.

Many say that they should have something to do until they need their help or they need them in the labor and delivery process.

And, others clapped back at the "hateful comments."

One person said that all the "Karens" who commented on the video with hate because "they wouldn't be okay with this" are crazy. "Relationships aren't one size fits all," and that the TikTok user said it was okay, so there's no harm done.