Trainer Explains Why Protein Cookies Are Worse For You Than McDonald's Burgers

As we grow up, we end up developing some ideas as to what a healthy lifestyle looks like, particularly when it comes to food.

But while we commonly hear that we should emphasize vegetables and lean proteins, we can sometimes find that other assumptions we've picked up along the way aren't as based in reality as we thought.

Doctors, dietitians, and other health experts can often give us advice we'd have never considered, but they also have a way of challenging what we think the ideal diet should be and they've got some interesting arguments to back them up.

But based on the eye-catching claims they like to make, it seems that one of their favorite tricks is to show us something that seems obviously bad for us but reveal that it's actually better then something we've accepted into our lives all along.

But none of these revelations are as surprising as one trainer's results in comparing the healthy properties of a protein cookie with a standard McDonald's cheeseburger.

On November 6, a personal trainer named Laura Ghiacy uploaded a TikTok posing the question as to which of the two items we see here is healthier for us.

And considering that she began her video with, "I'm going to get so much hate for this," it was clear even to her that she came to a controversial conclusion.

She also expressed that she based her analysis on the whole cookie versus the whole cheeseburger since most people don't stop eating either of them halfway through.

And that wasn't the only way that she factored in how most people eat McDonald's cheeseburgers.

In her words, "And that includes the bun. Nobody's having lettuce wraps around here. AKA handheld salads."

And with all that being said, she ended up coming to the conclusion that the cheeseburger is actually better for you than the protein cookie.

Part of that has to do with the respective calorie counts, as protein cookies were found to contain 420 calories compared to the 300 in the cheeseburger.

And while the cheeseburger had one more gram of fat than the cookie, the cookie had 59 grams of carbohydrates in it compared to the 32 grams included in the burger and its bun.

Interestingly, the protein cookie also had just one more gram of protein than the cheeseburger despite the fact that the protein is the entire point of eating one.

And finally, while we tend to assume that fast food is loaded with hidden sugar, that's apparently even more true of the protein cookie.

Because while the cookie contained 25 grams of sugar, the cheeseburger had a significantly lower seven grams resting inside of it.

And despite all of these indicators that the protein cookie is actually worse for you than the cheeseburger, Ghiacy said that it didn't even come close to the burger in the taste department while also being more expensive.

How does that happen?