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After Two Bridesmaids Fainted During A Ceremony, The Bride Kept The Wedding Going

Weddings are a stressful and crazy time for many brides. So much planning and preparation goes into a wedding that by the time the day comes along, many women are so exhausted, they just want to sit back and enjoy the moment.

But, as life goes, weddings don't always go perfectly. There can be some bumps along the way during the big day.

Despite the problems, some brides just want the show to go on.

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Despite there being some problems on their special day, most brides want to keep things on track.

Getting married and saying "I do" is what they really care about. Sometimes, they have to look past the crazy events to keep on keeping on. But, is it always the right thing to do?

Wedding Planner Janna Tak shares some of her stories from working with birdes on her TikTok page.

Recently, she shared a story of a wedding she was working where not one, but two different bridesmaids fainted in the middle of the ceremony.

Whether it was the heat, or it was lack of food, they totally went down during the nuptials.

The officiant apparently stopped and asked the bride if they should "pause."

When two bridesmaids faint while standing up next to you, one would assume the ceremony should stop so that they can attend to the passed-out women.

However, not everyone is willing to give up the time and their day for this.

The bride said the latter.

Instead of wanting to stop to tend to her friends, the bride didn't even think twice. Instead, she insisted that the "show must go on" and decided that it was more important to get married than to care for her friends.

Some people agreed with the bride.

There were actually many commenters who agreed with the bride. Some thought that the bridesmaids can go to another room inside and get some food and water, and the "I do's" can continue on and the ceremony can go as planned.

Others disagreed.

Some said that the ceremony should pause and that the bridesmaids and bridal party should have been asked to sit down to relax and get their air. They pointed out that "health is important."

Janna had advice for those who are bridesmaids, as well.

As a wedding planner, Janna said brunch should always be ordered and the bridal party should "stay hydrated" and eat throughout the morning as they are getting ready.

This can prevent things like fainting and bridesmaids from passing out during the ceremony.

She also said that people shouldn't "lock both knees."

In order to keep your blood flowing and your body up, Janna says to "switch your weight back and forth on each leg," instead of locking your knees.

This can prevent anyone from falling and it can also keep your blood pumping and energy up.

As it turns out, her TikTok is full of confessions from weddings.

Like, this one bridesmaid who innocently poured herself a cup of coffee—while she was already in her dress for the wedding, and, the inevitable ended up happening to her. The bridesmaid spilled coffee all over the bride's train.

The dress was $8,000.

And, it happened four hours before the ceremony. If you think you had a stressful wedding day, there's nothing more stressful than having coffee down your white wedding dress four hours before you walk down the aisle.

One person also made a suggestion for brides.

Another person suggested that you should only have food and drinks before everyone gets dressed. If you have food and drinks around the dresses, it can risk getting dirty or spilling right before photos or even the ceremony.

Be careful!