18 Weddings That Were Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons

Did I tell you I'm planning my wedding? I might've mentioned that ha, ha! So as you can imagine, it's a pretty stressful time. I mean, the last thing I want is for something to go wrong on our special day. Do you get what I'm saying?

Unfortunately for these folks, it's too late for that. Something did go wrong, and it made for a pretty interesting day, to say the least.

1. This Cake Tumble

One of the things I still need to get for my wedding is a cake. If you know a good baker, let me know, okay? But once I have it, I sure hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as this one. Oh, no!

2. This Video Disaster

OMG, that one would literally kill me, y'all. Can you imagine thinking you had the whole wedding day videotaped only to realize this gaffe? I can't even comprehend how pissed off and sad I would be about this.

3. This Baking Disaster

So here's something funny that happened. This clearly talented baker made cake toppers for his wedding, But he forgot to check the oven's temp before putting the bride in. Oh, no! Doesn't she look like a shriveled mushroom?

4. This Best Man Surprise

These days, many couples are doing the "first look" wedding moments. It's when the groom sees his bride in her dress for the first time. Needless, to say this groom was quite surprised to see his brother instead of his wife-to-be, ha, ha!

5. This Church Fail

Truth be told, I'm not getting married in a church. And I can say thank the Lord for that one because if my priest did that, I wouldn't be all too happy about it. Am I right?

6. This Lantern Mishap

Since we're planning an outdoor wedding, I'm always looking for unique lighting ideas. I thought about lanterns, but now I might reconsider that concept after all. The reassuring thing is that we have a firefighter as our neighbor, ha, ha!

7. This Ring Bearer

Here's what happens when your friends want to play a joke on you on your wedding day. When nobody seemed to have the rings, this guy showed up rolling down the aisle. At least all the guests seem amused with it.

8. This Unfortunate Accident

This bride and groom took a photo with the scooter that is the culprit for the bride's cast. She broke her arm in three places at the rehearsal dinner, messing around. You can find the humor in everything, I guess!

9. This Practical Joke

When this guy's parents got married, they had to kneel at the altar. Unknowingly to his father, his brother wrote this on the bottom of his shoes. Ha, ha! Glad to see somebody in the family has a sense of humor.

10. This Romantic Gesture

I have to confess, this is something my fiancé might try to do, hehe. He's such a sweetheart. So I better be ready for it because this is not a good look for any bride.

11. This Father Of The Bride

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if my dad was MIA right when you need him the most. He tends to lose track of time, and it wouldn't be unlike him to pull something like that.

12. This Photobomber

Here's one thing I never thought I would see a best man do. I wonder how the rest of this wedding couple's pictures turned out with this photobomber. What do you think? I bet they're hilarious, ha, ha!

13. This Fun Time

You know it's a good wedding when the groom dances up a storm so fiercely that he rips his pants on the bum in mid-air, ha, ha! Oh my gosh. What are the odds of that, huh?

14. This Beach Wedding Disaster

For as long as I remember, I've always wanted to get married on the beach. However, there are drawbacks to this idea. I certainly wouldn't want this to happen or for a giant poop to land on my head, either.

15. These Overachievers

If you already got married, what did you use as your confetti? Was it birdseed or something else? This couple here got more than what they bargained for, and it doesn't look good to me at all. Holy moly!

16. This Unlucky Bride

Who here is a mosquito magnet? I am, and so is my fiancé. So we both better ensure we don't get bitten before the big day. This lady got a big one right on her forehead on the eve of her wedding. Yikes!

17. This Unfortunate Incident

Newsflash people, just because it's your wedding day doesn't mean you shouldn't abide by the parking rules. Aww, so sad for this nice ride to be taken away. I wonder if they sweet-talked the tow truck driver, hee-hee.

18. This Suave Move

Here's the thing I don't believe proposing during someone else's wedding is in good taste. I think it's pretty tacky. Don't be a cheapskate and just give the couple their special day and plan a proper proposal, okay?

Oh my!

I have to admit these wedding mishaps are giving me some anxiety, that's for sure. Even though you can't exactly control everything on your wedding day, I hope things don't go array as they did here.

Confession time: did anything go sideways on your big day?